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In a culture that often sees the world as one big competition, people believe that nice guys finish last. This is the absolute opposite! One simple truth remains, and that is our greatest successes in life are often found in helping others succeed.

Welcome to Life Masters! Hosted by Tanya Memme, Life Masters is an inspirational podcast about UNBELIEVABLE real-life stories of rock bottom to triumph – insanely difficult circumstances, hardships, losses, and failures all the way to success and fulfillment. How did they do it? Listen in to these emotional interviews filled with life lessons and tools needed to transform your life! Life Masters digs deep, and inspires you to look at life differently, it opens your mind up to interesting concepts and allows you to discover life-altering secrets.

LM S2 7 | Spirituality
  Spirituality isn’t complicated. In fact, it may be the simplest thing in the universe. Joining us today is impactful spiritual figure and leader Kim Stanwood Terranova. Kim Stanwood Terranova speaks to Tanya Memme about her journey to spirituality, sharing personal “rock bottom” and how it changed her life in the most powerful way! The two also discuss the Agape Spiritual Center, her teaching at the incredible Rythmia Life Advancement
  PART TWO – What is light language? Nobody explains it better than Lara Jaye, Reiki Master/Teacher and Light Language Transmitter. In this episode, she joins Tanya Memme in a conversation about light language, the original language of oneness. Get to know Lara’s work with executives in the corporate world as she talks about her journey and how this all came about. Through Lara and her work, understand how angels
LM S2 5 | Sacred Mushroom
  Research shows that a facilitated intake of Psilocybin does wonders in treating PTSD, addictions, anxiety, and depression. Desi Valentine works with clients all over the world to help them heal these inner wounds through sacred mushroom healing. Sitting down with Tanya Memme, he discusses how his one-on-one session works, which involves more than just consuming plant medicines. Desi explains how he integrates music, massages, and even deep conversations with
LM S2 4 | Hitting Rock Bottom
  Staying optimistic during hard times is not an easy task but it’s totally possible. Listen to your host Tanya Memme as she talks with Jordan Harman on his experience on hitting rock bottom and becoming better than ever. Horrible experiences have a purpose in our lives and that is to motivate us to rise and unleash our truest potential. Our guest, Jordan, is a veteran network television development executive
LM S2 EP3 Laura | Pizzagate Scandal
  Laura Hunter went from losing everything to becoming one of the greatest innovators in the lash and cosmetic market with Magnetic Eyeliner. The moment Laura saw her face on the World News as the Reporter behind the Pizzagate Scandal, her life quickly fell apart. Her identity was stolen and in weeks she became one of America’s most famous “reporters”. She lost everything, her dignity, her job, her relationships, and
LM S2 2 Carlos | Ayahuasca
  You may have already heard about Ayahuasca, but unless you’ve experienced it first hand, you won’t fully appreciate its healing wonders. Tanya Memme met Carlos Duran in 2022 when she decided to dig deeper within herself spiritually and partake in a two-night Ayahuasca journey in Rosarito, Mexico, led by Carlos Duran and his team. Tanya talks openly about her personal experience with this beautiful yet often misunderstood medicine, while
LM S2 1 Lesley | Financial Stability
  Admired for her inspiring impact on creative thinkers, social innovators, transformational coaches and heart-centered leaders worldwide, Lesley Michaels became a leader in the coaching industry for Female Fortune100 C-Suite executives, and celebrities. Today, she joins Tanya Memme to discuss what holds women back the most from making money, keeping it, and growing their wealth. They also dive into why so many women reinvent themselves later in life – starting
LM 27 | Humble Living
  World-class athlete and NFL champion Willie Gault lives large but in a humble way, owing mostly to the amazing foundation his parents brought him up in. In this episode, Willie sits down in a private and real interview with Tanya Memme. Sharing anecdotes about his successes and failures, he emphasizes what it takes to be a champion at any stage of your life and the power of being humble, grateful,
LM 26 | Life Through Enjoyment
  Do you feel like you’ve been dealt a bad hand through your life? In this episode, Tim Storey, an acclaimed author, speaker, and life coach, joins Tanya Memme as they talk about looking at life through the lens of laughter, humour, and enjoyment amidst great hurdles. From a kid living in Compton to one of the world’s best speakers and coaches in the world, get to know Tim and
LM 25 | Resilience Training
Having resilience in life allows you to look at any obstacle differently, and with enough training, see the opportunities behind it. Having gone through a devastating accident, Rodney Flowers, joins Tanya Memme in this episode to talk about the pivotal moment in his life. Rodney is a motivational speaker, an author, and a resilience trainer. With an amazing career and future snatched away, he explains how being resilient has helped him