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In a culture that often sees the world as one big competition, people believe that nice guys finish last. This is the absolute opposite! One simple truth remains, and that is our greatest successes in life are often found in helping others succeed.

Welcome to Life Masters! Hosted by Tanya Memme, Life Masters is an inspirational podcast about UNBELIEVABLE real-life stories of rock bottom to triumph – insanely difficult circumstances, hardships, losses, and failures all the way to success and fulfillment. How did they do it? Listen in to these emotional interviews filled with life lessons and tools needed to transform your life! Life Masters digs deep, and inspires you to look at life differently, it opens your mind up to interesting concepts and allows you to discover life-altering secrets.

LM 27 | Humble Living
  World-class athlete and NFL champion Willie Gault lives large but in a humble way, owing mostly to the amazing foundation his parents brought him up in. In this episode, Willie sits down in a private and real interview with Tanya Memme. Sharing anecdotes about his successes and failures, he emphasizes what it takes to be a champion at any stage of your life and the power of being humble, grateful,
LM 26 | Life Through Enjoyment
  Do you feel like you’ve been dealt a bad hand through your life? In this episode, Tim Storey, an acclaimed author, speaker, and life coach, joins Tanya Memme as they talk about looking at life through the lens of laughter, humour, and enjoyment amidst great hurdles. From a kid living in Compton to one of the world’s best speakers and coaches in the world, get to know Tim and
LM 25 | Resilience Training
Having resilience in life allows you to look at any obstacle differently, and with enough training, see the opportunities behind it. Having gone through a devastating accident, Rodney Flowers, joins Tanya Memme in this episode to talk about the pivotal moment in his life. Rodney is a motivational speaker, an author, and a resilience trainer. With an amazing career and future snatched away, he explains how being resilient has helped him
LM 24 | Quarantine Life
  COVID-19 has brought about a huge shift in society, especially in terms of people’s daily routines. In this episode, Tanya Memme welcomes Rob Mack back to talk about how life has changed for him since COVID forced everyone into their homes. Rob is a psychology coach, speaker, and author who lives a life of strict routine. He shares tips on how to survive physically and mentally throughout this quarantine ordeal to
LM 23 | Understanding Ourselves
  What is the truth of things? In this episode, New York Times bestseller, Dr. Rick Hanson, joins Tanya Memme as they uncover the truth from the inside out. They also talk about bringing together practical brain science and the mystics to create practical, experiential things and overcome pain and loss. Get an overview of Dr. Rick’s new book, Neurodharma, as he shares some of the philosophies he found through his research.
LM 22 | Mastering Resilience
  No one is exempted from the challenges that life brings to the table, and in that aspect, everyone is equal. It’s up to each individual to use the tools available to them, and mastering resilience is one such tool that you can count on. Having bounced back from the darkness that life has to offer, Neeta Bhushan, the Cofounder of Global Grit Institute, joins Tanya Memme in this episode
LM 18 | Finding The Right Fit
  Imagine attending a corporate seminar and expecting the same round of speakers and boring talks but instead faced with drums and a whole lot of noise-making. This is Natalie Spiro’s approach to solving communication issues within teams – industries and businesses coming together through rhythm and music, especially drumming, to help co-workers, workers, and executives form a bond to help them get past things that they’re struggling with. In this
LM 19 | Helping Yourself
  Growing up in a religiously conservative family with a limited environment, Lori Harder broke through and eventually changed her surroundings. She joins Tanya Memme on today’s podcast to share that story. A leading expert in fitness and transformational work, Lori explains how you can define yourself as an authority in your field and start teaching your peers. Know what it truly means to build a connection with the people in
LM 20 | Knowing Your Worth
  Why do you matter? In this episode, Matthew Emerzian, the Founder and CEO at Every Monday Matters, joins Tanya Memme as they discuss the things that matter most, focused on making the world a better place. Get to know Mattew deeper as he shares his journey through the years and the lessons he’s learned along the way. From working with the biggest music artists in the world to building
LM 18 | Finding The Right Fit
  In a world where everybody wants to fit in wherever they can, how do you know the right fit for you? In this episode, Lawrence Zarian joins Tanya Memme to share his story of finding his own place in the world. Lawrence is a lifestyle and fashion expert who has been on many TV shows such as Live with Kelly and Ryan, Kelly Clarkson, Rachael Ray, and Home & Family. He