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One of the most genuine, infectious and captivating speakers on the planet. It’s her passion to motivate women and teens to believe in create their best life and find THEIR finally.

Emmy Nominated TV Host, DIY Expert, Inspirational Speaker & Empowerment Coach

With her extensive experience as a celebrity TV Host and philanthropic work around the world she understands the power of giving back and making a difference in the lives of others and how this is a powerful tool to tap into your most successful self.

When Tanya was hosting Sell This House, Move This House and Sell This House Extreme on A&E she had the opportunity to visit over 400 houses across America and walk home owners through the painful process of letting go and inspired by the future. It was her personal passion to make people feel better and motivate them through such difficult changes in their lives. This was one of the many reasons she resonates with so many different people on and off camera.

Tanya was one of few hosts chosen to travel to Cambodia with World Vision and visit a variety of hidden rescue centers for girls who were stolen from their families and sent into the sex trade industry. She also visited families who make as little as $2 a week working in brick farms filled with kids working at the age of 4. She continues to travel with her father to Guatemala every year with the non profit Wells Of Hope and climbs way into the remote mountains of Jalapa to help build schools, wells and houses for families who have nothing.

Every time Tanya gets in front of a camera or up on stage, she brings all of this empathy, love. compassion and unwavering desire to connect to others into her unforgettable presence. She will make you feel like you are the only one in the room. Tanya hosted over 2500 episodes of Television in 20 years, she is an Entrepreneur, a mother and an incredibly passionate, motivating speaker.

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TV Host, TV Personality, Passionate Speaker who loves DIY, Travel and staying young!

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