Pre-Event Questionnaire

We’re happy to get on the phone and talk through these questions with you. We’re here to help you create an amazing event!

  1. What are your goals for the event? How will you define success?
  2. What are the outcomes for the event you’d like for the participants? What would you like your audience to think, feel or do right after the event?
  3. Who is your audience?
  4. What is motivating them to come to the event?
  5. What are their challenges that you’d like to address at the event?
  6. How did you hear about Tanya and what specifically made you think of her for your event?
  7. Please describe any logistics for the event:​ When, where, timing, type of venue, number of attendees, format/agenda, other speakers etc.
  8. How do you envision Tanya contributing to the event? ​Opening/closing keynote, deeper-dive workshop session, Q&A, panel, follow-on virtual sessions, book signing, etc.
  9. If applicable, what is the theme for your event?
  10. Have you held this event or one similar before? If so, what worked well for your audience with past speakers? What did not work well and what do you think could be done differently?
  11. What is your budget for Tanya’s role at your event?
  12. What is your decision-making process and what is your time frame for making a decision? Who else is involved in the decision-making?