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What is light language? In this episode, Lara Jaye, Reiki Master/Teacher and Light Language Transmitter, joins Tanya Memme as they explore the world of light language, the original language of oneness. Get to know Lara’s work with executives in the corporate world as she talks about her journey and how this all came about. Through Lara and her work, understand how angels are able to channel and move healing energy as they dive into how it has helped Lara and countless others with Lara as a transmitter. Tune in and learn the power of light language and let yourself be healed.

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Original Language Of Oneness: Healing Through Light Language With Lara Jaye

This is my second episode under quarantine because we all know that we’re going through our own quarantine because of the Coronavirus. I have brought everything in home. It’s been quite exciting for me because I can interview people like Lara who is in Florida. It’s been much easier having people that I can interview all over the nation and in other countries as well, instead of bringing them only into the studio in Beverly Hills. We’re looking at this in a positive awe-inspiring way. Lara, I am glad that you’re here. This is Lara Jaye. She’s a soul-inspiring thought leader, CEO, intuitive advisor, international bestselling author, a healer, a speaker, and she’s a podcast host. Lara is a master of reading and moving energy.

By combining energy healing and light language, Lara moves stuck energy from people, places, land, and businesses. I have seen her in action. I’m one of her clients. You are an incredible healer. You are a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, a passionate entrepreneur, and light language transmitter. I’m sure that even with that intro, you are all out there wondering, “What is a light language transmitter?” Let’s get right to it. I’ve heard of light language before, but I’ve never met anyone quite like you that does it and speaks it. How did this happen?

Light language is our original language, the original language of oneness that the Bible talks about in the Tower of Babel and many other religions. We were originally all one. We all had one language in a way that we communicated. For me, when I am transmitting this, a lot of times I see angels and feel them. They speak through my voice and they do the work and move whatever energy or do whatever healing it is that we’re setting the intention for. With the light language, it’s powerful, high frequency, high vibration that many of us are not used to. It’s becoming more and more open and popular. I do it in the corporate world for the executives and a little bit of every one, of course. For them specifically, I’m not your typical woo-woo person. It’s intriguing. It didn’t just happen.

It’s a language that comes through you. It came from hundreds of years ago. You’re saying people used to use this.


You mentioned the Bible. How did it become to a point where people realized that it was healing people? Is it from a different realm? Is it from the angel realm?

For me, it is from the angels. I can only speak to what I transmit. I personally know of a handful of other people out there who do it in the world. I know that there are more who do it that don’t tell anyone. We all may channel someone a little bit different. They don’t all sound exactly the same. It’s still the original language. We all have different intentions and different purposes. We have different spirit guides and different angels helping us. It’s going to sound different and come through our own filter. My light language that I transmit is for a different reason than maybe what someone else does, different purpose and intentions.

When you’re working with somebody who also works with the light language, you have to be careful who that is and what their intentions are. Do people have light language that’s not always good light language?

That does exist. There are light and dark in everything. I personally believe that you’ve got to make sure that it resonates with you. Many of my clients say, “It sounds familiar. It makes me feel good.” That was why I was hooked to it because it changed my life and helped me to heal and get well myself first. I then started working on other people and realized, “This is flipping amazing. What is this? What do I do with this?”

Let’s get right into how this all came about. I know that you’re working for a big company. You live the life, the white picket fence, two-car garage. You have the family and you have the dog. Everything that everybody feels like we’re all striving for in America, you had that, the whole set up.

Fabulous vacations, wonderful husband, two great kids, pillar of the community, all of it. One of those Facebook picture-perfect lives.

How long ago was this?

That was probably 2011. In 2012, everything went sideways.

Did you have any sense from when you were a kid that your life was going to progress this way, before you even got to that?

I didn’t think it was going to be awful.

I mean become a light healer.

No. I always felt like I was meant for something more. I always wanted to speak. When I was home with the kids when they were little, I would watch Joel Osteen or Joyce Meyer or some of the other big names on TV. Sometimes I would go to big events and watch speakers and I’m like, “Why am I not up there?” I thought, “I don’t have a message. That’s why I’m not up there.”

You knew there was something inside of you, that there was something more.

There was always something more and then I crashed. I hit a deep, dark depression for about a decade.

What was going on in your life at the time? You’re married, you got this big job, you paint that picture.

I was running a marketing company from home, raising the kids, and still doing everything. I had keys to the church and taught all the Bible studies. I was running a mom’s group. We had 50 moms and 50 kids twice a month. I was busy trying to do everything. I was miserable, depressed and nobody knew. I didn’t tell anyone. People couldn’t tell. I thought, “I’m in a little funk.” What I would do, which is what the typical American does, what do we do? We make ourselves busier.

I call it running. You start running from the truth.

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This Coronavirus has forced us to stop running.

That’s a whole thing. We’re going to touch on that.

I was running, anything to staying busy and to not deal with stuff. I did that for a decade. I took antidepressants. I highly recommend them if you need them. I did. What they did for me was they numbed me. They made me not feel, which is what I wanted.

That’s what we want. You want some relief.

I then start crashing. My husband and I have 25 years, we were together 28, and start going through a divorce, start becoming an empty nester. I don’t have the energy to work. I had to sell my marketing company. It’s one thing after another. The next thing I know, I’m on the couch 24/7. My organs are shutting down and my kids are making bets, “What organ is going to come out this year?” After that, we were in the 2nd, 3rd year of that and I’m like, “This is not the life that I want. This is not what I signed up for.” I was mad. I was mad at God. I was mad at myself. I would look in the mirror and go, “Who the hell are you and how did you get here?” Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Yeah, many times. We think that we’re going to become this or that and sometimes we do become that and then we’re thinking, “I got everything I wanted. Why am I still miserable?”

From the outside looking in, everyone is like, “Lara has everything.” When I started going through the divorce and I would tell people, they would look at me like, “What do you mean? Nothing is wrong.” No one truly knows what someone else is suffering with.

Did you know that finally you were growing in a different direction? The marriage wasn’t right for you and you knew it was going to be hard on your kids.

Yes. We did counsel for years. During that time when I was depressed, most of the time we were in counseling together and separately because I wanted nothing more than to be like my parents and grandparents and married for 50, 60, 70 years. That was part of my plan, but that wasn’t necessarily God’s plan for me. That was hard to take and embarrassing to be able to be married that long and people were confused.

You’re the pillar of the whole town or whatever and you’re involved. All the moms know you. All the dads know you. The school teachers know you.

I was working as a PR Director for the school system. It was frustrating and sad all at once. I had to sell my marketing company and give the keys back to the schools. I peeled off my whole identity and had to give it all back. I don’t know if you’ve ever had to do anything like that. We all, in some way, get to that where we realize, “The house is gone. The kids are gone.”

They’re the choices that you made too. You chose to leave the marriage. I went through the same thing. All of a sudden, everything is gone and you’re like, “What do I do?”

I felt like I had a seatbelt on me, which a lot of people are feeling that way with this virus thing. At that time in 2011, 2012, I was forced to go within. This time, I’m calling it a collective timeout. We’re in this timeout. I had my timeout a few years ago. I’m still getting kicked around a little bit, we all do. We all have layers of stuff.

I want people out there that are reading to know that if you’re in that space, it’s okay and you’re not alone. There are a lot of people going through that and know that eventually, things will start to make sense. You have to give it time and be in the space that you’re in.

It is important to be in that space and not to fight it and not to resist it. I wanted nothing more than to take another pill and numb myself or run again, “Where can I run to? Where could I go? What could I do?” I had to stay. I had to be still. The things I learned on the couch during those years of not moving and not seeing a lot of people, I lost a lot of my friends. I’ve moved five times in six years across the country and back. I’ve moved a lot. You lose your whole identity. The things that I’ve learned have helped me to be able to help many people and utilize the light language and healing and the intuitive piece to a whole another level that I couldn’t even imagine. I couldn’t have made this stuff up nor could’ve even imagined where it was going to go.

When you’re in that rock bottom state, I’ve been there and you’ve been there and I’m sure a lot of people reading are there or have been there. When you make decisions like you’re going to leave a marriage or leave a job or make huge drastic changes, know that it’s not always going to be perfect on the other end. In fact, it’s not going to be. I remember saying that to myself going, “This is what I’m doing. These are the decisions I’m making. This next year is going to suck.” You’ll be like, “I’m going to jump in and it’s going to be that way.” That way you’re not expecting anything. Even though you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel at that moment, give it time. Give yourself time to heal. Give yourself to rip that false identity that you’ve had.

It is a false identity and a false reality that we built. That wasn’t even me. When I think about it, I couldn’t shove myself back in that box if I wanted to. I don’t know about you. To be that person that you were years ago, I couldn’t. I can’t.

You change. You evolve. You come stronger. I have issues with control. If anybody tries to control me, that will not happen anymore.

I don’t even think about it.

Sometimes when you’re in that space and you’re in that low point, “I’ve burned bridges. I’ve had friendships end. I didn’t have the right tools to deal with certain situations or people properly.” I lost some friendships too. You know what? That’s okay. Moving forward, I know that you had that one day where you’re like, “I’m going to go to this yoga class.” I love your whole story. It’s great. You’ve been in this space for a while. How long?

It was fall of 2011. A girlfriend dragged me to a meditation class. I was involved in a Protestant Christian church. They did not believe in meditation. They didn’t even promote us doing yoga and things like that. There were a couple of years that I didn’t even let my kids trick-or-treat, which was plain silly now that I think about it. I was on one side of the spectrum. Nothing that the church offered or that I could find was helping me get well. My girlfriend dragged me to this meditation class. She’s like, “Come hang out with me.” I went and there were 8, 10 of us. I was hooked from that moment and it was pretty much immediately. The person running it did speak light language and did the meditation with it.

You think you’re going for a yoga class.

LM 17 | Light Language

Light Language: There’s always something more.


I knew it wasn’t yoga. I knew it was a meditation. To me, I didn’t know what that meant.

Have you ever been to a meditation class before?

No. To me, it was bad. I felt like I was doing something wrong. I’ll have all this guilt on me that I’m doing something wrong. I was desperate to get well. I had to make a choice on the couch. I had to make a choice, “Do I want to live? If I’m going to live, what are you going to do different?” That is what propelled me. At the time, I was still married. He knew I was going to the meditation class. My husband was fine with it, “Anything to get Lara well and get her to not go through the divorce.” He was trying in his own way, as best he could. I knew all along that he was doing the best that he could. He had hit his ceiling. I had blown past his ceiling and I wasn’t resonating with him anymore and was not able to stay.

You are at a much higher vibration. That happens as you grow and you raise your vibration. The same thing happened to me. I had friendships fall aside. I’ve divorced as you did. That’s not a bad thing. This is a good thing. It’s okay. Don’t feel bad that you don’t resonate with that person anymore.

It’s all the other stuff. I wanted to stay married. I’m tearing the kids apart and the house. This false world that we built and this bubble, I burst it for everybody. I had to feel bad about that for a while. I kept going to meditation weekly. I did that for a couple of years.

What would you say to people that are about to make that decision? I went through it too. Your kids were probably angry and upset and this and that. When the day comes and you have to be the bearer of that news, what would you say to people out there that are in your situation and they know they need to make the same decision and they feel like they can’t? They don’t want to upset everybody else.

We all know deep in our heart if we’re supposed to stay or not. If we’re truly trusting that, when we get quiet and we listen inside and if our body contracts or constricts when we think about the spouse or staying married or whatever it is, you’re done. Unless there’s some change that you know that you can make or you want to make, you’re okay. It’s okay to go. You’re not being true to yourself if you stay. You’re worried about what everybody else thinks, and I was. We’re worried about what our parents are going to think or their parents and all of that. At that time, we were taking care of his elderly mom and his elderly brother. They were sick. You worry about everybody else and then go, “We got to tell the kids.” When you dive deep, we all know whether we’re supposed to stay or not.

When I realized that he was doing the best job that he could and he couldn’t give me any more, that was a changing point for me. When he realized that he couldn’t give me anything else and I was holding him back from having a happier life and be with someone who could be the loving wife that he wanted moving forward. I knew he could be with someone better that could love him right where he was and wasn’t going to push him to grow with me. Those two things helped me be able to go, “It’s okay.”

That’s a solid answer on your side on what you need to do.

I had to go through that. It was gut-wrenching. I sat and looked at the divorce papers even though I’m the one who filed and it took me a year and a half. I sat and looked at him for 30 days. I still didn’t want it. I never wanted to be divorced. I had to choose me. It was the first time I had ever chosen me.

That’s a big deal. That happens. What was that day like when you chose yourself and you walked out on a limb?

It was gut-wrenching. I didn’t want to choose me. Isn’t that weird?

It’s a habit.

It’s easier to make everybody else take care of everyone else and makes everyone happy.

It’s a part of running.

I was good at that.

You do that and then you’re trying to get past that next stage and you’re healing. You go to this meditation class. It’s the first time you heard the light language. What was that like?

I was blown away. My body started shaking, but it was vibrating because of the higher vibration coming in. I was changing quickly. The things that I had struggled with all my life fell away. My body was physically healing. I was emotionally healing. I felt a lot lighter. I felt different. I looked different. People would say, “What are you doing? You look so much younger.” There were all these things that were happening. At the same time, I’m feeling guilty for going to a meditation class.

That’s your ego, but I understand that because it’s different. You used to go to a church and leading the Sunday Bible class.

How am I going to tell people about this? My girlfriend and I, the two of us, we didn’t know the other people until later. I did that for a couple of years and about a few months in, I personally started channeling and the light language came through me. That’s when I remembered, as a little girl, I spoke it and write it. I did it as a little girl, but I had shut it down.

You didn’t realize until that? How many classes of this had you gone to before this happens?

It was months. It started coming through me. I had this flashback and I remembered all of the times, as a little kid, myself channeling it. You may even have heard kids may be speaking gibberish or writing things that look like Egyptian hieroglyphics. That’s light language. Many kids, these little ones nowadays, are attuned to the higher vibrations and they speak it. You’re thinking, “It’s gibberish.” No. It is light language.” They are talking to the angels.

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If there are some moms out there and their kids are doing this, where do you take your kids? What do you do?

Encourage them to play and to talk with you.

Give you a phone call, that’s what they need to do.

I work with kids all the time. I work with babies all the way up to in the 90s.

You then start healing. You’re noticing this huge transformation. At the same time, you’re dealing with who you are as a person, your self-identity, “Who am I? I used to be this for many years.”

For a long time, I wanted to hide it. It was like an underground language. Until I knew that I had control of the transmissions and the channeling, my biggest fear was that I would blurt it out in line at the grocery store.

You didn’t have control of it at first?

I did but I didn’t know it. I was still new to it. My biggest fear at first was I’m going to be at the grocery store and everyone knows me there. When you’re in a small town and everybody knows you and you’ve lived there for 30 years, this is an issue.

You’re secretly going through this huge self-transformation. Did your friends know about it?

No. I had one person and then I started working on a handful of people that were spread out not even in my town but close to my town. I’m originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. We’re in the Midwest. We’re conservative.

That’s a whole other layer. Are you still married at this time?

No. We’re going through the divorce. It was during that through a year and a half.

You’re secretly taking on clients. Your kids don’t know about it. No one knows about it. Your friends don’t know about it. This is amazing. That took a lot of bravery.

It was one of those where my soul was like, “You’re doing this or you’re going to die. This is what you came for.” I became alive doing it. What it did for other people, it did for me. I wanted to do it all day long. I started working on people. The people that needed it would show up and it went from there. While I was on the couch, I started writing. It’s also was a way to heal. It was a way to get the trauma out of my body and that was what I needed to do. I got curious about the light language, “How does this language change me?” I then started studying energy and energy fields. That blew open my intuitive piece, being able to see auras and the energy fields of people, places, things, homes, land, events, and all kinds of things.

I love how you say, “I started learning and researching.” If they feel like they have a spiritual calling, what do you mean research?

Be curious. That was all I did.

Do you read books?

I did some, but most of it I got all intuitively. I did that on purpose because I wanted it to be pure and I didn’t want to steal from anybody else. I have read books and I’ve incorporated things but I try to read them after the fact, after I’ve learned it. For me, then it’s confirmation later. Occasionally, I’ll get different pieces. For me, it was more experimental. I’m going to go try this different quantum healer or this one and add in different healers and see, “I liked what they did. I didn’t like what they did.” I combined and tried different coaches to see, “I liked what they did. I didn’t like that at all. I’m going to do things different.”

You learned from other healers as well and tried everything.

I tried it all. I was your human experiment. I’ve tried all the fun things. Some of them worked. Some of them didn’t. I encourage people to try what works for you. At some point, you’ll go, “That was fun. That worked for me. That didn’t. This resonated and this didn’t.” That’s okay. You learn from it. You learn something and it takes time. You can’t take all your trauma and throw it in the garbage and be done in a 30-minute session. That isn’t how life is. We’ve got piles of stuff stuck in our energy field, and some of it isn’t even ours. Some of it is generational stuff. It takes time.

How do you know if it’s generational?

I ask intuitively. If you know for a fact that your mom struggle with something and you struggle with the same thing, that’s generally a generational thing.

LM 17 | Light Language

Light Language: It takes time. You can’t just take all your trauma and throw it in the garbage and be done in 30 minutes.


You pay attention to that.

It’s important. Once I clear it in you or if I cleared it in your mom, then it’s gone in the other person. What’s cool about what I do is that it clears it all generationally, not the generations after you like your daughters, sons, but the generations that have passed on before us, grandma, great grandma, grandparents, and great grandparents. They were not able to do the amazing things on earth that we do. The spiritual work that we do, frees them. They’re cheerleaders up there for us because they want us to succeed.

You hear voices. You see images. Do you ever get it where somebody is walking down the street and you feel like you need to tell that person something?

I don’t. I’ve had that happen to me.

That someone just walked up and said something to you?

It happened to me a couple of times. I do not want to intrude on people. I’ll be at dinner and someone will hear what I do and they’re like, “Don’t read me.” I’m like, “Don’t worry, I’m shut down right now.” I have to shut myself down or it’s too much. When I first was open, dead people were showing up all the time.

What is that like?

It’s not fun. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry were showing up.

When you’re sitting in your room or when you’re out in public?

Everything, 24/7. I was woken all night. There are people needing help crossing over. At first, I didn’t understand that I got to choose. Do I want to talk to these people? Is this the work I want to do? I get to choose. You get to choose. We all get to choose within our realm. I had to set my energetic boundaries and spiritual boundaries. Years ago, I thought, “I got to help everybody.” You can’t. You don’t have the energy for it.

What is it like when a spirit comes to you and says, “I need help crossing over?” I know it’s not like that, but what is it like?

It’s like that. A lot of times, they’re confused. All they know is they’re looking for the light and then they see you. You’re the light or I’m the light. There are lots of lights out there. They glob on to you and then you’re like, “Why do I feel heavy all of a sudden?” You may have a whole other person on you. That can happen a lot of times. I can usually see that on people and then I talk to them and find out, “Why are you there?” Maybe they don’t even know the person. Most of the time they don’t. They were like, “I don’t know where I’m going. I’m here hanging out.” I help them move on so that they can set you free because it can be heavy. All of a sudden, we can feel heavy and burdened. I was talking to a client and she’s like, “I have been wanting to eat everything in sight.”

I’ve had those days too, especially in quarantine.

It’s common. There are spirits and ghosts. For her, it was almost like an entity thing on her and it comes and goes on this particular client. Whenever it’s there, she wants to eat all the time. I took it off and then she’s been fine since. Those are the things that energy work does. When we can clear these people off of us, the extra energy off of us, all the trauma stuck in us, we can find out who the heck we are and move forward. It takes a while to dig in there and find that.

I feel like there are more people open to the idea of quantum physics. I know that you’re talking about that.

Dr. Joe stuff.

We love Joe Dispenza.

Gregg Braden and all the amazing stuff that those guys do.

Bruce Lipton is another one. I’m happy that they’re paving the way for many more people like yourself to feel like you can come out and be one of the light workers and healers and not everybody goes, “She’s crazy. I don’t understand what she’s saying.” The idea of quantum physics is quite fascinating. You believe it or you don’t. The interesting thing is that I tested out some of the philosophies by doing Life Masters, meeting people like you and interviewing over 50 people. I started to implement some of these quantum physics types of ways and habits or thoughts and it works. It takes time. Sometimes it doesn’t. Why do some things take so long? When the gates open, it can flood sometimes.

Sometimes it’s how attached we are to it. How badly do we want this? We’re not going to get it. Part of it is what the energy we’re putting out there. Everything has some energy to it. Sometimes, when women want a man so bad, I can look at their energy field but they’re repelling them. They’re maybe repelling the opposite sex. They don’t even know they’re doing it. It’s all subconscious. It’s stuck a lot of times on the outside of their field or its way down deep and it’s from maybe a generational issue from one of their parents. It’s sending out repelling. Although their heart is, “I want this. I want that.” There is something else out here that’s repelling it.

That’s one of the things. Sometimes it goes fast and sometimes it doesn’t. The thing with this work is I’ve had to learn how it happens and when is not up to me. I have to get myself out of the way. I have to trust that whatever the highest and the best is for the client for me, it is happening and remind them as well as myself that the how it happens in whatever it is they want and the when that happens is not up to us. I have to hand that over and that’s a tough one.

That’s up to them.

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We all have our life’s lessons. I have a whole pile of them.

Me too. I’m definitely still going through mine. Have you ever had a client that you couldn’t read?

No. I’ve had two clients who said, “You can’t read me.”

They’re your clients. They’re asking for help.

They paid and they’re sitting there and they’ve got their arms folded.

What do you do when that happens? What are they there for?

Someone else had paid for them to come. The other person was curious, like, “No one can ever read me. I want to see if you can read me.” Both of them, I was able to read. The first one was in tears. A loved one who had passed came through. It was beautiful. The other one, it was great. When people are that way, I don’t take it personally. At some level, they were open or they wouldn’t have been sitting there for me to get whatever information that I needed. We get to open or shut our energy field for other people to read it. That’s important when you’re or your readers are out and about to know that if you don’t want other people to know anything about you or your field. There are people who do walk around and want to go up to people and tell them things. I don’t necessarily want that. That’s like somebody putting hands on you that you don’t know and somebody else messing in your energy field that maybe you don’t want. I don’t like that.

I don’t like that either. I’ve had that happened too and I don’t know what their intention is.

I have a lot of parents hire me to work on their teenage kids, their twenty-year-old kids and they’re like, “They’re all messed up.” I’ve done a few of those missing children cases. I don’t have to have the child’s permission. All I need is a birth date and a picture and a full name and then I ask their higher self for permission to work on them. They’ve always, for the most part, said yes. Some business clearings I’ve done when we work on the employees, there are usually a few employees here and there who don’t want any work done and those usually are the employees that are gone pretty quickly. Once we raise the vibration of the business, they can’t stay in it. They didn’t want to rise with the business.

The people that you work on their kids, do you do it in a way where the parents are like, “Here are the picture and the birth date, all the information you need. I didn’t tell them that we’re getting this done.”

It’s all up to the parent.

You can ask for a blessing and the child doesn’t even know the parents do.

Yes. I record it and I’ll send it to them. About half the time, the parent shares it with them. The other half, they don’t. We watch to see the transformation.

The work has been done and it doesn’t have to be in-person. It’s amazing how it doesn’t have to be done in person. How does somebody like you heal somebody who’s 3,000 miles away? How does that happen?

I do that all the time. I have clients in Australia. I’m in Florida. Although, I love to travel and I want to go to Australia, I don’t have to. Energy is beautiful. It can never be destroyed but it can be transmuted. It doesn’t matter whether they’re in the same room with me or hundreds of thousands of miles away as long as I’m setting the same intention the same everything. Remote ones, we use headphones. I have them lay down and I’m here and then I go through my spiel with them, looking at their energy field and going through all the energy centers. It’s like how we did with you. When we did that, I had you lay down and then we went back and forth with the intuitive information and then the light language and clearing the actual areas. Especially if their energy is sensitive, you feel the vibration. You feel the shaking. You feel energy leave your body. Sometimes you feel new energies come in. You feel different things.

I have to share a little story about you. I met you because you’re a speaker as well. You’re a good speaker. I met you at something that we were both learning and speaking at with Adam Markel and his class. I remember that was the first time I heard you do the light language and something resonated with me that day, which made me want to do another healing with you. I signed up. I went to your website, the whole thing. I didn’t know that you were going to do a reading. I thought I was going to lay there and you were going to do the light language.

There was a bunch of stuff that you said that was dead on. I can’t talk about exactly what it is. I had been through my own rock bottom. You know all about it. I ended up getting another television series and here I am. It’s the most exciting news in my life because I’ve been out of work for a while. I’m finally getting a new show. I am excited about this new show. Lara says to me, “Are you sure that you want to be doing this show?” I said, “Yeah.” You’re like, “Are you sure? You’re not going to finish the first season.” This was a week before I left.

You were getting ready to leave. When it comes through, it’s hard for me to say it, but it’s like, “I have to blurt it and tell you right then.”

I was confused. Twenty episodes and I’m like, “I have every intention of finishing the twenty episodes. I don’t know what this means.” You’re like, “You’re not going to be upset about it. You’re going to slide over.”

You were confused. You’re like, “What?”

You’re like, “Something is going to come out of this, but you’re going to be okay with it.” You kept saying, “You’re going to be okay. It’s all going to work out okay.” I was confused. There’s a bunch of other stuff you had said too. Lo and behold, two weeks later after seven episodes, I had to come back and I did not finish the season. I’m planning on finishing it later. This was before the Coronavirus had taken effect. You didn’t know about it. I didn’t know about it.

This is the first time in the years that I’ve been working that I didn’t finish the season. It was mind-blowing. You made me feel secure in the sense that you’re like, “You’re going to be okay. Things are going to still be okay. You’re going to slide over.” Honestly, Lara, the fact that you said that, it was mind-blowing. You said a bunch of other stuff too. That was absolutely right for me and helped me. You’re gifted. If you go to Lara’s website, you do these group healings as well, which I signed up for. I was like, “I want to sign up right away.” We did a group healing and I loved it. The second you start doing your healing, you start speaking the love language, my whole body starts to vibrate. It’s like what you said the first time you felt it.

LM 17 | Light Language

Light Language: Energy is beautiful; it can never be destroyed but it can be transmuted.


You vibrate.

It’s instant. The second that word comes out of your mouth, and it’s not even a word, I don’t even know what you’re saying, from head to toe you melt. I tried to explain it to you. It’s this familiar yet not familiar, friendly, female energy, kind, gracious energy. It’s addictive. I understand.

That’s how I feel. It’s like, “Who can I work on now?”

You have a gift. It’s incredible. Where else can we learn more about you? You have your website.

Please come to the website, LaraJaye.com. I’ve got some fun and new things coming out. I’ve got an Energy Clearing Collection series coming out. In 33 days in a row, you’re going to get short, seven-minute meditations, all light language from me. What I love about the light language, I call them meditations. In meditations, normally you have to take the time. You can’t do them while you’re driving. Light language, you can listen to anytime, anywhere, whatever you’re doing. It fills the room with the love. It fills your body. It fills your field, the room, wherever you’re at. You can be asleep. You can be awake. You don’t have to pay attention. That’s what I love. You can, but you don’t have to.

You could sign up and then play your meditations before you go to bed or anytime, as long as you can hear it. Sometime you can have it so low that you don’t hear it so much. I’ll be signing up for that. You’re going to be speaking more as well.

Lots of speaking on our energy fields and how to master our energy to be the strongest and best and keep us clear mind. Clarity is important and it keeps us balanced, all of it but it starts with going within. That’s how I started years ago. That’s how all of us are being forced to with the virus, stay home. We’ve gotten this little timeout to go within. Who do you want to be? How do you want to show up on the world? It’s such a gift. I’m excited to have this gift of slowness to recalibrate and to show up how we’re meant to.

People that are out there that want to connect more with their spiritual side during this time, they’re alone, which is a great place to be when you are connecting spiritually, what are some things that they can do to start that journey? They know they have this calling but they don’t know how to start it.

Four things. Number one is be still. You’ve got to slow down, which we’re being forced to slow down. It’s being still and not running. Number two, it’s managing the mind chatter. What happens when we slow down and part of the reason we run is because we don’t want to hear our mind and all the things we tell ourselves. We got to manage the mind chatter and listen to what it is we’re telling ourselves and become aware and notice that. It’s huge. Number three, be more mindful. Mindful is bringing in the five senses in all we do. We’re all meant to slow down and enjoy our meals. I made a chocolate cake, it’s the first time I’ve baked maybe in a decade. It was the most decadent chocolate cake ever. Not only have I not baked, but I certainly have eaten it and enjoyed it. I did and I don’t feel bad.

It’s important not to feel bad, especially if you don’t always do that and you know it’s a treat. Don’t feel bad doing it. I had vanilla ice cream with maple syrup on it.

I love that. The fourth thing is writing. Why counseling is good and speaking with a coach or anything is because we’re getting it out of our body. Anytime we can write, it gets it out of our body, the trauma out of our body. If we talk to a friend, that’s why we feel better. That’s why we want to pick up the phone. Not always do other people need to hear everything that we have going on here. That’s where writing is helpful, whether it’s journaling.

Even speaking into a phone where you record yourself speaking. It’s something to document your feelings.

Speaking it and voicing it, it helps you acknowledge what’s in your body and what you’re feeling. It helps you reconnect to yourself, which is what we all need to do. Oftentimes, we’re disconnected. We’re running hard. We don’t need to be anymore. We can enjoy this.

Thank you for your time. I don’t know if you’d be up for it but I would love to do some healing where people can see exactly what you do.

I would love that.

Would you love to do that, expose that to people?

I’m in.

Maybe we’ll do that on my Facebook page because I have a lot of followers and stuff. Let’s plan that. We’ll do that when we have some quiet time. That would be wonderful for people to see what you do and see how incredible you are. They can already see that from this interview.

There are many people that I can help. I would be thrilled. I’m out there. I’ve come out of the closet. I’m not hiding anymore.

Even from when I first met you.

I was still afraid to speak it out in public.

You own it now. It’s fantastic to see.

It’s who I am. I’m not going to deny that anymore.

Thank you. If you want to binge-watch more episodes of the show, make sure you go to iTunes. You can go to EverTalk TV. I’d love for you to check those out. Lots of life lessons. There are lots of meaningful little gold nuggets of information in each Life Master. I feel blessed to have you on the show and all of my other wise people that I have learned from. I’ve changed my life from learning from people like you. I thank you very much. We will set up a healing. I’ll let you all see the healing as well. I would love that. Thanks, Lara.

Thank you.

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