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Tanya is a Keynote Speaker helping Women create a life they love, one brick at a time.

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In this mesmerizing and transforming keynote, Tanya takes the audience on a journey to find their own voice, strengthen their spirit and understand the importance of building a solid foundation both physically in the home and in every area of their life. Tanya’s ‘Find Your FINALLY’ motivates and inspires audiences to look within and build a beautiful, powerful life from the inside-out FINALLY realizing their dreams. She unveils the top tools, mindset changes, and actions from many who have dug themselves out of a rock bottom. Weaving together real-life stories into a purposeful tapestry of perseverance and triumph, the audience receives a model plan to creating a life they love one brick at a time!
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Stage Your Home...
Stage Your Life!

Tanya takes the audience on a journey of self discovery as she demonstrates the impact your home environment has on your life. Her passion to help people improve their homes AND their lives shines through this keynote talk as she believes that a home designed with love lays a powerful foundation to creating a life you love! Tanya provides simple tools to help women find their voice, strengthen their spirit and understand the importance of surrounding themselves with love in their environment— both physically in the home and in every area of their life. Tanya’s applicable tools and tips will surprise audience members as they anticipate their own lives transformed by beginning in their own homes.    
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How to Sell Your House Fast

In this keynote, Tanya dives into the psychology of staging your house to sell FAST. What makes your house inviting? What repels potential buyers? You may be ‘doing’ all the right things, yet there’s an underlying gloomy feeling when people walk through the door also replying buyers. From the house staging market to the stage, Tanya brings her decades of expertise to interested audiences around the world demonstrating the what and how to sell your house FAST!
Testimonials: Tanya Memme as a Speaker

“Seeing Tanya Memme speak was a truly mesmerizing experience. Her stories engaged our audience on an experiential level — inspiring us to laugh and cry in just a few minutes – WOW!”


Speaker | Bestselling Author | Business Mentor

 CEO, More Love Media, Inc.

“Tanya Memme is pure joy!! not only does she ask interesting, profound, mindful questions but she creates a space that is free and safe to answer, and she listens. she’s extremely intelligent, bright, funny, authentic… the real deal! she walks the walk and talks the talk. what you see is what you get and it’s pure joy!”


Celebrated Author | Lifestyle Expert

“I loved every opportunity I had to work with Tanya! She connects with her audience who loves her. She inspires, teaches and informs! Tanya is beautiful inside and out and so relatable. She is so good at what she does! I love watching her.”


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