I’m excited to welcome Tanya Memme ​(pronounced ___________)​ ​to our ____________________________________________ meeting.

Tanya is an Emmy Nominated TV Host, Home Staging, DIY Expert and International Keynote Speaker. She has helped more than 200 individuals and families sell their homes across America, and with the very exciting re-launch of “Sell This House” Tanya is back with all new episodes and years of staging, design and DIY, expertise!

She has a natural passion helping people improve their homes AND their lives. She believes that a home designed with love, lays a powerful foundation to love life!

Today, we’re going to get a taste of Tanya’s tools and tips for creating a home and life you LOVE one brick at a time!

[Note to MC: Please say this next line with lots of enthusiasm to raise the energy of the crowd!]

Please stand up and join me in welcoming, Tanya Memme!!! …………………..

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