Thank you for the opportunity to make a positive impact! To optimize the experience for everyone, here are some requests around Tanya’s engagement. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please let us know!

Pre-Event Requests

Tanya tailors all of her presentations to your goals and desired outcomes for your audience. She firmly believes that the value of any keynote is to have a lasting impact on the participants. Therefore, please ensure that all stakeholders are available for at least (2) hour-long discovery and feedback calls so we craft a presentation that resonates with the audience for maximum impact. Please provide the appropriate contact to coordinate this meeting.

We’ll also want to schedule a logistics check-in call 3 weeks in advance of the event.

Please provide the appropriate contact to coordinate this meeting.

Tanya’s presentation will be delivered in a 16:9, PDF format which is compatible with most, if not all computers and presentation systems. Please provide the appropriate contact for this and a desired delivery deadline.

Please arrange for any event registration for Tanya (and assistants if applicable).

Day of / A.V. Requests

“Countryman” headset or Lavalier microphone or similar discrete, portable, wireless, microphone.

Large display and computer system for showing slides / other supporting visuals. A small, wireless controller to advance the visuals.

A music system that can accommodate playing custom music at different times throughout the presentation. Runners with hand-held microphones for audience participation (unless another technology is employed).

(1) flip chart with flip chart paper and large markers (2 or more colors).

(Preferred) A room setup where the participants can easily engage with other participants (round tables or chairs that can be easily moved by participants, etc.).

Tanya does not require a podium. If the usage of any props is part of the presentation, please provide a discrete place where those can be placed for easy access by Tanya.

Tanya does not require a stage and will move around the room. If there is a stage present, please ensure that there are stairs off the front of the stage.

A water bottle and box of tissues on stage within a reasonable reach (but not within the camera framing).

A quiet room or small, private area where Tanya can prepare for the talk in advance.

A clock for time management (or person responsible for such). A confidence monitor is great but not required. Please provide paper and pens for participant use.

Please print any worksheets (provided by Tanya’s team) if applicable.

Post-Event Requests

Please provide Tanya with high quality photos and an audio video recording of the presentation. The particulars of this recording will be discussed in advance.

Please provide a video and written testimonial to her within 3 days after the event.

We’d be happy to support any post-event follow-up with the audience, such as providing resources and/or event replays, or anything you feel is appropriate for your team. Do not hesitate to ask!