*** Meet Tanya ***

Meet Tanya Memme

Award-Winning TV Host | Inspirational Keynote Speaker Home Staging & DIY Expert

Tanya's Awards & Accomplishments

Tanya Memme is an Emmy Nominated TV Host, Producer, Speaker, Home Staging & DIY Expert.

She rose to prominence in 1994 when she was crowned Miss CANADA, and has since moved to America where she has been on television for over 20 years.

Tanya can be seen on the new season of “Sell This House” Saturday’s on A&E and Monday’s on FYI, helping more than 200 families sell their homes across America in her 10 year run of the popular home design show.

 Some of her past credits include popular shows like “Move This House,” ”Sell This House Extreme” on A&E, FYI and BIO, as well as Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” which she was a DIY host on for 5 seasons.

All things “home” was born into Tanya as she grew up in a successful home building family. Since 1979 Tanya’s own family-run business “Mountainview Homes” has built hundreds of homes a year in the Niagara Region of Canada.

Tanya is also the host of “Life Masters” — a video/podcast on iTunes and YouTube. “Life Masters” is about real life stories of perseverance and triumph–of people who faced the most difficult life circumstances and found the tools, mindset and action-steps to create a life of success and fulfillment.

Tanya is big into giving back and travels with her dad to Guatemala with the non-profit Wells Of Hope where she helps build schools and bring water and education to communities in need. She is the mom of Ava Yepremyan who accompanied her mom on Home and Family on Hallmark Channel crafting for kids. You might see Ava pop in on the Home.Made block with her mom on FYI and A&E.

As a transformational speaker, Tanya’s  Find Your FINALLY  speech motivates and inspires audiences by unveiling the truth on how successful people built themselves back, after hitting “rock bottom.”  She shares the tools, mindset changes, and actions from real-life stories that have gone from massive set back to a purposeful tapestry of perseverance and triumph.

Tanya has a natural passion helping people improve their homes AND their lives. She believes that a home designed with love, lays a powerful foundation to love life!

Taking it on the road as a transformational speaker, Tanya continues to spread the “Life Masters” Podcast message of hope speaking to organizations and individuals. She provides simple tools to help women find their voice, strengthen their spirit and understand the importance of surrounding themselves with love in their environment— both physically in the home and in every area of their life.