Connect, Captivate and Convert your Ideal Audience with the Power of YOU.

Master Your On-Camera Presence, Own Your Authentic Voice
Build Trust and Become the Face of Your Brand with Confidence


May 28th 3:30pm PST/ 6:30pm EST

12-Week LIVE VIRTUAL Program

(10 weeks of interactive instructional Live Zoom classes with two 1-week breaks)


In today’s digital age, video is king for your business. Your ability to connect, engage, and gain trust on camera can make or break your brand.

Yet, so many entrepreneurs and content creators struggle with camera shyness, they feel judged, awkward, lack confidence, or they simply don’t know how to authentically convey their message.

Do you often say to yourself…

“I Always Feel Awkward on Camera.”

Feelings of fear and self-doubt and awkwardness are always going to be there when you’re focused on yourself.  If you flip it around… And you start to shift your attention from thinking about yourself to focusing on the people on the other side of the screen who would benefit from what you have to share…Learn how to feel more natural talking to a lens, and convey your usual charisma and energy that you easily display in person.

“I Just Don’t Feel Like Myself When I’m on Camera.”

Learn how to make your true personality and authenticity come through on camera, and connect your off-camera persona with your on-camera presence, without feeling like two different people.

“My Videos Just Don’t Look Good and They Seem Boring.”

There are so many little, yet simple secrets to creating videos that look great and hold attention.  Tanya shares all kinds of secrets to making your video look great, from sound, lighting, basic set up, backgrounds, atmosphere, tone to name a few….  Her approach is different than any other approach because it all comes from finding your authentic message and confidently telling the whole world about it.

“I’m in a very competitive business and I don’t know how to stand out.” 

If you’re a real estate agent, doctor, a business owner in a competitive industry and you’re hiding away from being in your videos or  you know your on-line content is holding you back, this course is the perfect start to becoming the face of your brand!

“I don’t know how to get started creating content.”

Tanya sets a secure and comfortable atmosphere to grow, share, practice and learn to create content with ease and she makes it fun with a much clearer understanding.

“I’m good at business, but I don’t know how to turn myself into a personal brand.”

Tanya Memme has done exactly that, and will walk you through the steps to make YOU the brand, or the face of your company!

“My Voice Sounds Different on Camera!”

We will cover all of that!  Tanya has a great plan in store!  Tanya studied in NYC for 100 years for speaking, singing and voice!   She is excited to share her insights and techniques!

“I Can’t Seem to Get My Point Across Clearly”

Learn how to articulate your ideas succinctly and engagingly on camera, as well as you do in person. WITH LOTS OF PRACTICE!!

“I’m Worried I’m Not Relatable or Engaging Enough”

Learn and practice the Triangle of TRUST!  Tanyas signature content and process to help you through this and on your way!

“I Feel Like I’m Being Judged the Second I Turn the Camera On”

Learn how to overcome self-consciousness about your appearance, your speaking style, or how your message is received.

“I’m Constantly Worried About Making Mistakes”

That will soon be a thing of the past!  You’ll see that even Tanya Makes mistakes, but shows you how to work past them and sometimes embrace them with all of her on camera knowledge!

TV Host Tanya Memme has created a powerful program specifically for people like YOU. People who need more confidence on camera and to be the face of their brand.

“I’m not just teaching you how to look good on camera – I’m transforming you into a confident, authentic, and engaging on-camera personality. My passion is to turn everything that’s holding you back into something of the past by helping you break through barriers, embrace your unique story, tap into who you authentically are on camera, and deeply connect with your audience.” – Tanya

More Confidence on Camera = More Authentic Video Content = More Money in Business, and Success in Life

“YES! I want to deliver life-changing results to impact my business AND change my life. I want to be able to communicate on camera and in videos effectively, with confidence, charisma and authenticity!”

The only way to have confidence and authenticity on camera is to   overcome the blocks standing in your way.   This is where the gold is and it’s all within you already. Being confident on camera takes time, practice and the willingness to go inside and be open to learning more about who you are, what’s holding you back. Let’s discover together who that person is inside that hasn’t been introduced to the world yet!

This course is different than any other “on camera” course because it teaches you from the inside out. It’s not just about getting you up on your feet and pressing record… it’s about speaking from your heart – from the part of you that’s connected to your true self.  This training takes you on a journey – on camera and off camera – to find your authentic message, and present it confidently in all your videos.

What Sets Us Apart?

Expert Guidance  Learn from Tanya Memme, an award winning and Emmy nominated  TV host with over 25 years of experience gracing TV screens worldwide. Tanya is also a somatic transformational life coach, so her unique approach to coaching combines industry insights with a passion for helping others shine from the inside out.

Interactive Learning  Our live Zoom sessions ensure you get real-time feedback, from Tanya and other Media and industry professionals with lots of group and personal coaching from Tanya. This is invaluable!

Supportive Community  Join a community of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey as you. Share experiences, collaborate, and grow together. You’ll meet a whole new group of friends there to support you and be there every step of the way along with you!

Real-World Application  With Tanya’s Signature “30 DAY’S TO CONFIDENCE ON CAMERA” VIDEO CHALLENGE  (introduced within the “Mastering the Spotlight” Program) and personalized group coaching, you’ll apply what you learn in real-world settings, ensuring you’re ready to face any camera with confidence. Wait until you experience this life changing journey with Tanya!


We are here to help coaches, business owners, and entrepreneurs who want to spread their message authentically with confidence, and leave an impact in the lives of thousands, or even millions of people…Mastering The Spotlight”  is designed to help you get more visibility, credibility, and recognition through leveraging the power of YOU on camera.

Tanya will help you with:

  • Fear and Nervousness on Camera
  • Working Through Self Doubt and Fear of Judgement
  • Feeling More Confident Through Your Vulnerability
  • Create Content You Love
  • Developing Your Authentic Message To the World
  • Connecting with Viewers On a Deeper Level
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Position Yourself as an Expert In Your Field
  • Attract Your Ideal Audience
  • Using AI to Create Incredible Content
  • Find Your “Zone Of Authenticity”
  • Step Into Your Fullest Self On Camera
  • Be the Face of  Your Brand
  • Gain TRUST with your Audience

Together we will explore a world of self-expression, charisma, and the captivating ability to engage and inspire those around us.

In today’s dynamic world, you can’t have a thriving online business or be a great content creator, if you aren’t the face of your brand.

Mastering The Spotlight will elevate your personal branding and authentic confidence to new heights.

Are you ready to transform your on-camera presence, captivate your audience and become the unforgettable face of your brand on social media and in your videos? Led by the award-winning and Emmy Nominated TV Host Tanya Memme, this course is your gateway to becoming a magnetic presence on camera, whether you’re an entrepreneur, course creator, personal brand builder, influencer, doctor, realtor or aspiring TV host.


Learn from the best, as Tanya Memme and her team of media professionals, share their extensive experience to teach you winning on-camera and personal branding strategies in a supportive and safe environment.  They make it fun too!

Here’s what you can expect:

Over 10 weeks, you’ll embark on a transformative journey that covers everything from building your on-camera presence to launching your personal brand story. You’ll dive into the art of interviewing, for content and credibility, and develop your storytelling skills.

Each week, you’ll engage in an interactive Zoom session, practical on-camera exercises with your cohort, and receive personalized and group coaching from Tanya Memme!  This isn’t like the typical online course that you sign up for and have to force yourself to get through the modules all by yourself (yawn). This is an interactive online course where you learn in a community of supportive people who are overcoming and working through the same obstacles you are.   Here are some of the things you’ll gain a whole new relationship with:


  • Overcome fear and nervousness when presenting on camera.
  • Work through self doubt and fear of judgement.
  • Project confidence and credibility, even in unfamiliar situations.
  • Deliver content with clarity and enthusiasm.


  • Develop your authentic voice and storytelling skills to engage your audience.
  • Communicate your message effectively and leave a lasting impression.
  • Learn to connect with viewers on a deeper level and build trust.

Brand Building:

  • Develop a clear and consistent brand identity through video content.
  • Position yourself as an expert or thought leader in your field.
  • Attract your ideal audience and launch yourself as a trusted authority.

Technical Skills:

  • Create professional-looking content with basic editing platforms.
  • Create and publish video content efficiently with AI.

Additional Outcomes:

  • Increased brand awareness.
  • Enhanced engagement with your target audience.
  • Greater confidence in using video as a powerful marketing tool.
  • Confidence in being the face of your brand growing trust from your ideal clients.

NOTE FROM TANYA:  Come along with me on this journey.  Decide to finally step into your own uniqueness and authenticity and create the content with “YOU” as the face of your brand!  If you show up and fully participate you’ll get the most out of this program.  I put my heart and soul into creating this program for people just like you.  I want to see you grow, transform, and exude confidence in all you do.  Not just in your videos.   Remember, the world is waiting to hear and see “YOU” and your story.  So dive in and let’s take this transformational journey together!

With Love,

Tanya Memme

Here’s what Tanya will give you:

  • Weekly Live, interactive Zoom sessions learning from TV Veteran Tanya Memme
  • Laser coaching from Tanya Memme – Award winning TV Host/ Emmy Nominated (traveled the world hosting for 25 years)
  • Practical, transformative exercises, homework, group coaching
  • Peer collaboration with a supportive community
  • Guest speakers from media and branding industries
  • Personalized feedback to track your progress

By the end of “Mastering the Spotlight,” you will have the skills and confidence to excel in all your videos, social media, zoom calls, course creation videos, interviews and also a renewed confidence in your own LIFE.  You’ll also have a very good understanding on how to create a compelling personal brand by authentically being YOU and connecting with your audience. This course is your gateway to equipping you with the tools to shine brightly and make a lasting impact.

Each workshop is taught and curated by the Emmy Nominated and Award-winning TV Host, TV Personality, Executive Producer, former Miss Canada, and Speaker, Tanya Memme.

More about Tanya...

Tanya Memme is a former Miss Canada and an Emmy Nominated and Award-Winning TV Host, Executive Producer, Actress, Inspirational Speaker, Masterful Life and “On Camera Confidence Coach” with her “Mastering the Spotlight” Academy and online courses. She has graced our TV screens for over 25 years hosting and acting in movies, Talk Shows, TV Series and Commercials on A&E, FYI, TLC, BIO, ABC, CBS, Hallmark Channel, FOX, and Netflix to name a few.

Currently, you can watch Tanya on the A&E network hosting “Sell This House,” and “Smart Home Nation” on CRACKLETV. Currently she is in pre-production of a new show called “From Passion to Profit.” Some of her past credits include popular shows like “Sell This House Extreme” and “Move This House” on A&E, FYI and BIO. For 5 years she was the DIY expert on Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family” signature talk show and also hosted “Best Vacations” on KCBS a syndicated travel show, as well as “Entertainment Tonight CANADA” on Global TV.

Tanya has won many awards as a host and an actress and is a recognized leader on Television. She is a two-time TGBA winner. She recently won “BEST TITLE HOLDER FOREVER 2022” and was asked to judge the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA 2022 pageant and helped train Miss World USA for the Miss World Pageant 2022 in Puerto Rico.

Tanya is the founder of the “Life Masters” — podcast. “Life Masters” is about real-life stories of perseverance and triumph– stories of people who faced the most difficult life circumstances and found the tools, mindset, and action-steps to create a life of success and fulfillment.

She is the proud mom of Ava Yepremyan who accompanied her mom on the “Home and Family” talk show on Hallmark Channel, and A&E Network crafting for kids.


Tanya’s presence, care and kindness as our teacher for the "Mastering The Spotlight" course" made me feel like we are friends on a journey together. The casual and friendly atmosphere encouraged authenticity. Tanya’s assurance and support left me wanting more classes!

Katia Hadjiyska

Tanya has a masterful skill to bring out your unique gifts and talents to the world. Her invaluable insights, guidance and deep care for her clients is a breath of fresh air. It was such a pleasurable journey, with Tanya by my side.

Lisa ArturoBig Love

Learning from Tanya, how to be powerful on camera made the whole process so much more fun and effective. I felt my true self was able to shine through! All you have to do it watch her on camera to know she will take your game to a whole new level!

Ronda CoalierMillionnaire Mentor

Whether she's in front of the camera or behind the camera, Tanya exudes professionalism, confidence and charm. If you're looking for someone who can take you to the next level, look no further. She will coach you through the entire process giving you the confidence and control to make your experience fun yet effective. If you want to be your best, learn from the best!

Stacy EleginoThe Odonata Agency

In all my years in the entertainment industry, I’ve never worked or seen anyone as dynamic, exciting, and likable as Tanya! I can say that with complete conviction. You truly are compelled to watch and learn from her!

Tony LaniLife & Happiness Coach

"I loved Mastering The Spotlight 10 Week Course!! Tanya was so open and kept the class really fun. It felt like a hands-on learning experience as opposed to a lecture or seminar. Tanya was the perfect mentor and always came to class so happy and willing to teach. No stone was unturned and I loved that we talked about everything from television series to podcasts."

Rita Goebel

The transformation I have experienced during our coaching session together is profound and beyond words can describe. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to fully carry out my life from a confident, empowered, heart centered space. For anyone looking to awaken to your wholeness and up-leveling your self worth and confidence, I highly recommend working with Tanya to accelerate your progress in achieving your goals.

Yvonne WangPhD, MBA

Tanya is brilliant, beautiful, and always brings out the best in everyone around her. Her hosting and speaking talent has taken her around the globe. Her international understanding and her love for people have made her one of the best in her field.

Tim StoreyMotivational Speaker

I loved every opportunity I had to work with Tanya! She connects with her audience who loves her. She inspires, teaches and informs! Tanya is beautiful inside and out and so relatable. She is so good at what she does! I love watching her.

Cristina Ferrari

I spoke with Rita's mom recently, and she told me that Rita is raving about your course. She said that you are a wonderful teacher and coach, and that you are bringing her and the other students out of their shells. Her mom was so happy!

Crystle StewartFounder of Miss Academy

Tanya has a true gift for coaching! She made me feel seen and supported. She guided me to explore places I needed to go to find true healing. I feel more empowered and confident in myself after having worked with her.

Laura HullsteinIntegrative Health Coach

I have gained confidence I never thought could from the "30 Day's to Confidence on Camera" Video Challenge along with everything Tanya taught me. The inflection in my voice brought out my charisma which came from working with Tanya in the zoom sessions! I love how she creates a safe and secure space to practice, learn and grow without feeling judged.

Lori Zabroki

This whole experience has been wonderfully eye opening for me! I'm showing up totally different in my videos now. I hired Tanya for a one on one VIP day which helped me gain the confidence I needed. Then with the "30 Day's to Confidence on Camera" Video Challenge, I was able to practice and gain a different perspective of how to speak, letting go of all the things holding my back because every day I was given a different video to post all with a different emotion. Gaining more confidence was just the beginning of what I've learned!

Heather Nicole

I'm a photographer and an introvert, and I like working behind the camera, but I work with people so I have to talk to people and put myself in front of the camera, so working on this everyday with incentive, motivation and in time it all falls into place!

Claudia Hoag

I noticed a boost of confidence not only in my videos but also in everyday life!

Dana Derrick


What is the General Itinerary for Mastering The Spotlight Classes?

ANSWER: ANSWER: Each week our interactive zoom sessions will be 90 mins in length minimum and sometimes might go a bit longer.  It’s your choice to stay for the whole time, but I prefer you stay with us for the full 90 mins minimum because you won’t want to miss out!  It’s totally up to you and you have the choice to stay longer if you would like to.  Tanya usually saves the laser coaching with individual students at the end of the class each week with Q&A, which is the best way to learn the techniques and insights and gain valuable tools to improve your own performance!  Show up and watch the transformation begin!  PLEASE NOTE: Tanya might vary the topics slightly depending on the groups needs and where they need more attention their needs but here is a general course outline

General Outline Click HERE


Can I do the weekly zoom sessions on my phone if I cant get to my computer?

ANSWER: It’s preferred that you attend the zoom calls on your computer, with no distractions and ready to engage fully.  It’s not ideal if you’re driving a car or going on a morning run and only have access to your phone. lol.  Here’s why… Most of the weeks will entail group coaching or performing on the zoom with your amazing and supportive community, so attending the zoom on your phone while walking or driving is fun but you won’t be able to fully engage in the best part of the class.

What attire should I wear for the Zoom sessions?

ANSWER: Wear something that makes you feel confident, fresh and authentic!

It’s important to feel good and set yourself up right for coaching and performance sessions with students.  What you wear greatly affects your whole disposition on camera, so if you want to show up 100% I would prefer you wear something that makes you shine and feel amazing!  You ROCK!

Will I get a chance to speak with Tanya?

ANSWER:  Yes! The number of students are limited so each student gets to ask Tanya questions and have individual coaching with Tanya throughout the course! Tanya can’t wait to meet you!

How much homework will there be?

Tanya will send you weekly homework.  Typically, it takes about 30 – 60 mins of homework a week.  Totally doable! The key to gaining confidence on camera is practice. There will. be plenty of practice!  The homework will entail everything from insightful exercises where you’ll dig into your thoughts, mindset and beliefs about “who you are to the world” to signature techniques and tools created by Tanya, to improve your on camera performance.

There will also be videos to study and learn from and the introduction of the “30 Day’s to Confidence On Camera” Video Challenge!   This is where the fun begins!  This is a supportive daily 3 min video challenge where everyone in the class participates and discusses insights and realizations along the way!  This is a transforming experience and will get you over the “I’m scared and I have no idea what I’m doing” mindset!  You’ll see!

If I'm not an entrepreneur or an influencer, is this course right for me?

At Mastering The Spotlight, we are dedicated to transforming anyone lacking confidence on camera, on zoom calls, meetings, in their videos, social media content, course creators. and in LIFE.  Some people take this course to improve their communication skills for their brand on and off camera.   We work with not only with entrepreneurs, and influencers but also Real Estate Agents, Doctors, Lawyers, Pageant Contestants, City Council Members, Content Creators and basically any super cool people who have a burning desire to share their authentic message to the world  confidently. We understand the power of video in today’s digital world and the unique challenges it presents. Our mission is to equip you with the skills, confidence, and techniques to turn every lens into a window of opportunity.

How do refunds work?

Our refund policy: You have a 24-hour window after the first week’s Zoom class to request a full refund, which will be processed in 7-10 days. No refunds will be issued if the request is made beyond this 24-hour period. The course, designed by Tanya with her 25 years of TV experience, aims to boost your on-camera and life confidence, emphasizing its value and the importance of your initial commitment. So please make your decision within the refund period.

How do I navigate through the course content?

Tanya and her team will be sending out weekly homework emails with links and videos and information for the upcoming Zoom session with the gang! Its a super fun supportive environment and feeling safe is very important to Tanya’s team.

How do I access additional resources or support?

Once you sign up for the course you’ll have access to Tanya and her team for any questions or additional support! We will be there for you!

Are there any technical requirements or software needed for the course?

You will need a computer and have a basic understanding of Zoom.  The other apps we work with are inShot, Teleprompter App, and a few other apps and platforms that will be discussed in class. Easy to access!

Struggling to connect with your audience on camera?

Feeling like your video content isn’t resonating or converting the way you’d like?

You’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs, content creators, and professionals like yourself let self-doubt hold them back from leveraging the power of video.

But what if you could tap into your natural charisma and create videos that not only showcase your expertise but also magnetically attract your ideal audience?

Mastering the Spotlight isn’t about becoming a scripted spokesperson. It’s about unlocking your authentic voice and presence so you can:

  • Build genuine connections with your audience and establish yourself as a trusted authority.
  • Boost audience engagement and skyrocket your video views and conversions.
  • Project confidence and credibility on camera, even if you’re feeling nervous, insecure or unsure.


Enroll in Mastering the Spotlight and discover your inner confidence and the power of authentic video presence to transform your brand and achieve your goals.


P.S. Spots are limited! Sign up today and receive a special bonus guide: “The 5-Minute Cheat Sheet to Captivating Video Confidence.”