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Spirituality isn’t complicated. In fact, it may be the simplest thing in the universe. Joining us today is impactful spiritual figure and leader Kim Stanwood Terranova. Kim Stanwood Terranova speaks to Tanya Memme about her journey to spirituality, sharing personal “rock bottom” and how it changed her life in the most powerful way! The two also discuss the Agape Spiritual Center, her teaching at the incredible Rythmia Life Advancement Center, Ayahuasca and the misconceptions of plant medicine, and how being curious is one of the most effective tools you can use to open doors of possibility in your life. Listen as they share real life stories of using the medicine for the first time and other spiritual tools that can elevate your life and bring you closer to your purpose.

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How Spirituality Opens Doors Of Possibility With Kim Stanwood Terranova

Kim shares how she became one of the worlds most impactful spiritual leaders, Rythmia, Ayahuasca, and the healing power of being curious!

In this episode, I have one of the most beautiful human beings inside and out that I was lucky enough to meet not long ago in Costa Rica. Her name is Kim Stanwood Terranova. I have to introduce you because your accolades are off the charts. This is why we have Kim on the show. Kim has been an impactful spiritual figure in the United States. You’re a spiritual figure. That is awesome. It’s not only in the United States but also globally. She is a powerhouse speaker, a spiritual leader, and a compassionate counselor. She’s committed to guiding people in fulfilling their greatest destinies.

I’ve seen you do it. I’ve seen you in action in Costa Rica. The effect that you have had on people that are struggling is incredible. She is a three-time best-selling author of The Technology of Intention. She was also recognized by Michael Beckwith and the AGAPE International Spiritual Center with the high honor of Master Practitioner as well as Master Teacher. If you guys don’t know who Michael Beckwith is, Michael Beckwith was one of the cofounders or the Founder of The Secret. He was one of the producers. He was very involved with the movie. AGAPE is probably one of the biggest spiritual congregations in all of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills. Everyone goes, and so many celebrities. You’re a huge part of that movement.

I’m very grateful. I’ve been there for a long time, and I love it. It was the foundation of my spiritual home and spiritual growth. AGAPE is heavenly and the place for so many people to know it’s safe to grow. Whatever spiritual belief system you have, we’re all being present to one power, whether you call it God, Spirit, or the Universe, which is so loving to know that there are many paths and we have a place to meet all of them.

I love that about AGAPE, too, because it’s not just, “If you believe in God or the Universe.” It’s all-encompassing. I’ve been to AGAPE, and the way you and Michael Beckwith speak is so profound, nonjudgmental, and truly beautiful. What was it like the first time you stepped into AGAPE? How did that happen for you?

I’m glad you said that. I come from the Bay Area, moved to LA, and started my spiritual search in the San Francisco area. When I moved to Los Angeles, I was looking for, “Where am I going to continue to study?” in my very first time at AGAPE, there wasn’t a structure yet. They had just begun. We used what is now the Fairmont Hotel in Wilshire in Santa Monica. There’s a ballroom downstairs. Sundays, for me, were the day that I rode my Harley with a pack of other people.

I rode out and parked it right on Wilshire. I’ll walk in, and he’d always be standing at the front door saying, “Good morning.” I was covered in mud from head to toe. I’d get to my seat, unzip my jacket, take off the chaps, shove them under the seat, and start meditating. After service, I put them all back on, get on, and ride the rest of the day until midnight. My Sundays were always AGAPE and then riding. To this day, there are still moments when I can walk up on stage with him in heels and a dress. He’ll introduce me and say, “Did you ride in?” I’m like, “No. I didn’t ride in.”

Did you drive your Harley?

“You're either pushed to this by pain or you're pulled by vision.” Click To Tweet

It’s a different one, a bigger one. It’s the same company but a different bike.

The coolness factor for you went up 50 notches.

You can meditate on a Harley. It’s true. You just have to get in the zone. People say, “I can’t meditate.” I tell them, “You can meditate anywhere where you’re completely surrendered to focus on your let go.” There are lots of times when you’re sitting on a motorcycle, you’re attentive, but you’re still in surrender.

I grew up driving dirt bikes because I grew up on a farm. I would go out after a hard day at school. It was my form of meditation. I know what you mean. It’s zoning out and being with nature because you are out there with nature. It’s a euphoric experience. With the show, I love talking about how people have hit rock bottom or that turning point in their life that brought them to spirituality and how spirituality has transformed their life in whatever way that is.

I have talked to so many different people and life circumstances. I wanted to talk to you about yours. How did this all come about for you? Did you hit rock bottom? Was something going on in your life that wasn’t making sense? There’s usually a day that people remember where they wanted more and needed to answer questions.

It’s therapeutic. You have a chunk of time. There’s a point that Reverend Michael says, “You’re either pushed to this by pain or pulled by the vision.” For myself, I was pushed by pain until I then was pulled by the vision. Growing up, I was having mystical, amazing experiences and was very confused why there was no one to talk to them about them.

What kind of things has happened?

LM S2 7 | Spirituality

Spirituality: The first step is open availability to see what’s possible.


It’s different visitations from different voices talking to me. It’s those things occurring in life that are all of a sudden, I’d be moved out of the dangerous way into safety that I think, “How did that happen? What’s going on?” It’s those different moments in time that I wanted understanding about and had no one to talk to about it. Through college, it started to cause pain. I was reading everything I could, trying to understand what was happening in life, and I felt lost.

I didn’t know what I believed in. I wasn’t sure what path to go on. In that feeling of loss, I started to feel more and more lost until I met someone on a job who said, “Study at the spiritual center. You should come here.” It was a church of Religious Science, which was the foundation of Ernest Holmes’ teachings in the early 1900s. I went in, and the second I walked in, I thought like, “People are talking about creating our own reality. There is this universal presence, and it does run within each and every one of us. I’m not crazy about having these crazy experiences. I just have to tap into activating that inner technology.”

At that point, I didn’t call it that, but I know that what it is now are this expanded awareness of understanding suddenly and a path. When I realized there were people I could learn from, grow from, and start studying, I dove deep into my studies, and then I was pulled by the vision. I no longer was in pain or confusion. From that point until now, there have been many of those moments that were life-changing and rock bottom that we all have. It’s important for us to remember that no matter how pretty someone’s life looks, everyone has their own challenges and moments of rock bottom.

What I’ve learned is that the pain is all the same. For somebody, they lost their life savings. Others might be because of a divorce or a spouse passing. The pain is the same. Either way, it hurts.

When we have more tools in our tool bag to help us through those times, that’s what pulled me through with the vision. I suddenly started collecting more spiritual tools to understand that whatever happens in life, I was going to keep activating all of this spiritual technology within me to move through it. It then became clear that I wanted to help everyone else do that as well. It started from pain, moved to vision, and has been full vision ever since.

What would you say to someone who you know? There’s a lot of pain out there. People are struggling. You have clients that come to you all the time because they’re lost and are struggling. What is the first thing or step that you tell people to do?

The first step is their open availability to see and know what’s possible. Sometimes that’s very hard to be stuck in pain. We moved from nothing’s possible, which is victim consciousness, which is understanding when it’s hard, but to even open our hearts ever so slightly to understand, “There’s something possible. I may not be able to name what it gets.” We must open to possibilities without knowing how. In society, it’s like, “How do you do that?” I don’t know how, but I’m going to stay open that something is possible. When individuals begin to even open a little bit of possibility, answers begin to come. All of a sudden, someone offers them something.

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There’s an open availability to, “What do I believe? Do I believe the Source? Do I believe in the Universe?” We then begin to tap into, “What do I believe that’s working through me that I can activate?” If we’re closed, we can’t even open our hearts to remember that we’re connected to something. Each and every one of us is connected to the Source, but we forget when we’re hurt. We forget that we’re connected to each other. We close off not knowing we’re deeply connected to every individual on this planet. Possibility creates an opening for healing to begin.

It’s very beautifully and well said. I was thinking about what you were saying. I was thinking that when people are at rock bottom, or when they’re in their highest of the highest, having a great time in life, those are either the two times you grow closer to spirituality or grow away from it because you forget. How many clients do you have that come to you when they’re at their top but are not at all spiritually connected?

Clients come to me when they’re at their bottom, top, middle, and between. When they come to me, they are willing to grow because I’m not going to continue onward assisting someone who stays stuck. They’re willing to grow. There are some possibilities there, even if I have some clients that are at their very top like, “Yes, Kim. I’m at my top, yet I don’t know if I understand the spirituality stuff.”

Once the information and possibility start to get more practiced, even if I say, “Let’s look at that. Let’s see your journey of getting to the top. What does it feel like? What’s going on for you there? What other areas of your life would you like to feel at the top?” A lot of times, what could be at the top is their financial round but not their relationships. We begin to realize that there are tools and activation points that we can bring into the areas where they’re not feeling on top. They then open up to the possibility of their intention, meditation, and all practices. If you come to work with me, I’m going to ask you to start some practice.

You give them homework to do things for them to do and different ways to think and feel. That is incredible. I have seen Kim in action, and you are amazing. One of the places that I saw you in action was where we met, which was at a place called Rythmia. Rythmia is a life advancement center. I know you spend a lot of your time there. It’s interesting because there’s a whole thing about Rythmia that I’ve talked about on my show before.

It has to do with plant medicine, Ayahuasca. It’s from Sunday to Sunday and Saturday to Saturday that you join up. It’s one of the top TripAdvisor places to go on the planet. It is a truly life-changing experience. I went through it, and you know all about it. AGAPE is a church, and it’s funny because a lot of people think, “Getting into plant medicine, doesn’t that go against God?” How did you end up at Rythmia, which is amazing?

I got to Rythmia because Michael Bernard Beckwith said to me one day, “I have to talk to you about something. I have a question for you.” When he says to me, “I have a question for you,” I always say, “Whatever the question is, it’s yes.” About an hour later, his assistant came up to me and said, “He talked to you. He wants you to go down and start teaching people at a place called Rythmia in Costa Rica that’s opening up.” I’m so glad I said yes because I’m in. I initially came to teach others how to teach Michael Bernard Beckwith’s teachings as well as to be one of the lead teachers.

LM S2 7 | Spirituality

Spirituality: To remember to ask is all we have to do. That’s a spiritual truth. The spirit is always bringing to us what we desire.


Over time, the owner of Rythmia, Gerry, started to say, “Could you please move down? I need you to move down. Could you be here full-time?” At that point, soon after they opened, I couldn’t see how that was possible because I had a full practice in Malibu. I’m teaching at the spiritual center where I was having retreats at. I said, “I’m not quite sure that I can, but I will speak here 4 or 5 times a year.” In Southern California, when those wonderful fires hit us in 2018, in one night, they took my home, office, and retreat center. Everything was gone to rubble in 24 hours.

It’s everything you built here in Malibu. You didn’t even mention this as your rock bottom.

I walked out from seeing a client. As I stood in my office saying goodbye to her, I could smell the smoke and knew it was near. Within less than 24 hours, everything I had ever known physically as home and all our belongings was in rubble. It was a very challenging time. Back then, Gerry waited until four months after that fire before he called me and said, “I know it might be a good time to move now because you didn’t have a place to live.” “You’re right.” In the midst of challenges, when we stay in practice, a door always opens to guide us into the next chapter, step, or path before us.

I refused at that point to be called a fire victim. I was an individual whose home had been taken by Mother Nature. Did it hurt? You bet. Is there so much rebuilding that’s still occurring now? Absolutely, and I wasn’t going to be a victim of it. Knowing that even though that it occurred, when in possibility, a door opened that made it available for me to say, “I can now move to Costa Rica and be teaching full-time at Rythmia.” That’s how I got to Rythmia.

When I talk about it, I was lucky enough to go. I went through the course and was there for the week. I did the workshop, and it was life-changing for me. When I tell people about it, there’s still this mystery or thing about it that everybody gets their back up a little bit when they hear about the Ayahuasca.

There is a place in life where, on the human role in humanity, we’re still having judgment about certain things instead of standing in curiosity. I didn’t know much about it before I came down here as well, but if we stay in curiosity to understand, there isn’t a separation. It’s still a plant from the earth that has been for thousands of years in the jungles where shamans and wonderful, beautiful healers have activated this plant and used it for so many different healing modalities. Individuals at Rythmia brought it, too. We have a medical license to be serving it, which is important for us.

This isn’t random. There has been researched. There are safety protocols, and there’s a license to say, “This has been proven to heal individuals.” The beautiful thing about Rythmia is that there is Ayahuasca four nights a week. There are also three nights a week of transformational breath. There’s also yoga and the classes that we’re teaching spiritual classes. There’s brilliant food. There are so many paths to healing, and Ayahuasca is opening a massive healing so that when we see things and allow ourselves to release them, people come back completely changed.

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This sounds funny, but we’re squishing 10 years of therapy in 1 week. It’s intense, but it’s completely worth it because we’re open and available to shift our life. I’ve watched hundreds and thousands of people come in the door and leave changed and renewed in life again. I’ve heard people say, “Kim, I was ready to not be here in my body anymore. I came and went through this entire program and left renewed and understand what’s possible now. Possibility opens up.”

It amazes me how people are willing to take a pill out of a bottle that you have no idea what the ingredients are and what any of it means. Some people say, “What’s the scientific research on Ayahuasca and plant medicine?” I’m thinking, “Have you ever scientifically researched half the drugs you take, but you’re willing to take them?” There’s a pure form of plant medicine. It doesn’t have anything else added to it. It’s from the earth, and we’re willing to take a pill in a bottle.

You are so smart to make that reference. You’re exactly right. How many people across the world now are taking medications that we don’t know a lot about? It’s staggering. We’re just taking them. They think it would do something for us versus, “Let’s research. Let’s see. Let’s understand. Let’s heal our bodies, so we’re not having to always.” It’s all balance. Sometimes traditional medicine is balanced with ageless wisdom.

When we can balance the two, we’re activating everything before us instead of arriving at the wrong one. I believe that’s where humanity has to heal now. It’s knowing right and wrong instead of, “One religion is good, and one is bad.” Can we open up the door to the possibility to have a conversation about what works for each individual and what honors your path and what honors one’s path? If we’re honoring each other, we’re going to be shifting the vibration on this planet.

Anyone who is suffering now with life or guidance, even if you just want to connect spiritually, go and check out Rythmia. I was there with 50 other people at the time that I was hearing you were there because you were teaching some of the classes. I was there as a client. What I witnessed and saw was nothing short of miracles happening. I can’t even explain it.

Some people think I’m crazy when I talk about it, and some people think, “I’m going to book.” That was the most rejuvenating vacation I’ve ever had in my entire life. It’s the perspective. The medicine also is within you for weeks and weeks later. I had so many realizations. This is what I want to ask you. What was your experience the first time you did Ayahuasca?

There’s so much. There was massive healing and generational healing for me as well. It was very subtle. That happens for a lot of people that there’s body movement, things occurring that are healing. There are healing happening in my back and my arms. I felt different here, but there’s a message I caught, and it’s a long story about how. At one point, when I was clear, “What if this? What if that?” The what-ifs I kept asking for kept appearing before my eyes. Finally, I heard the medicine say to me intensely, “All you have to do is ask. Whatever you desire, ask, and you will receive.” That’s a life lesson.

LM S2 7 | Spirituality

Spirituality: Your inner knowing will guide you to live a life of wisdom.


The beautiful thing is that people receive life lessons that seem simplistic. It doesn’t have to be massive. To remember to ask, that’s all we have to do. That’s a spiritual truth. That spirit is always bringing to us what we desire. In the human realm, there can still be these blocks of worthiness, “Can I receive that?” It was so gently taught to me like, “Remember, you don’t have to push. You don’t have to struggle. You get to ask and then cultivate a field of receptiveness to receiving.”

I have brought that to a higher level. I knew it before, and I knew it more because I felt it sincerely. Now I brought it to a higher level of all the projects I’m creating in the world, ask and receive. There’s only a block when we allow a block to be there. The second we let it in, it melts away and is open to, “I don’t know how.” We have to let go that how to be divine receivers.

I find that the Ayahuasca teaches you that because if you hide it, it’s a whole other situation. What I love about what you’re saying is that I find you to be someone who is so spiritually connected. You’ve been going down this path since you were in college. You’re always working on this. Plant medicine has no bad reputation, but it’s known for helping people that have depression, addiction, or all these different PTSD. It’s not just for that. It helps people, even like yourself, find answers and more enlightenment. In that term, what did it do for you?

I want to speak about something you pointed to. I’m also present to the different beings in our world that have been studying for years and are still catching more in plant medicine. For me, it expands what I have been studying and preparing for and expands even more because the portal is wide open. It’s not always, in my experience, the hardships in medicine and ceremony. It’s also the expansion of what I’ve been living, but it’s even more because there’s so much to learn in this lifetime.

How much each of us knows, there’s more. When I go into receiving more, I’m receiving a gift of, “If I receive more, I’m going to be able to assist others to know more.” I’m able to re-gift right back into the teachings. That’s the blessing. When people come to class, my intention is to support people and unpack what they caught in the ceremony in Ayahuasca and understand the meanings, messages, and healings so that the confusion of what that was doesn’t linger.

The importance of coming to class to unpack it, share, and understand, for me, is to assist people and guide them like, “Here’s the spiritual tool.” Friday mornings in class, when people come in completely enlightened and awakened, they’re like, “This was the most amazing week in my life.” What I ask them is, “What are the tools you’re going to put into place to live that awakening? Awakening is magnificent. We must bring it back to the world,” which is what I take very seriously to assist people to live what they know.

I know the people doing the heavy lifting. Whether in therapy across the world, their own families were having difficult conversations, at Rythmia, or anywhere we are engaging in a healing process of conversation, we’re all doing the heavy lifting. As we continue to heal conversations and reconnect with everyone, we begin to heal. There’s a vibration that’s healing on the planet, but we must be willing to heal ourselves, heal each other, and assist the healing of the earth.

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When I went to Rythmia, I am meeting the shamans

When we can stand in acceptance, then we create movement.

and the people that are like yourself and everybody involved, like the people that work there, everything from the shamans who are indigenous to the jungle, some of them. This is where their lineage is from, too, and they go from living in the jungle for a certain amount of their life to going to Rythmia and sharing this sacred medicine. It’s interesting because this medicine has been sacred for over 5,000 years. It’s the thing where the Westerners were never allowed to share in that or be a part of that.

I don’t want to say we were labeled as bad, but a bunch of us go into the Amazon, and there’s not as much care taken for the Amazon generally. It’s interesting. I was told by one of the shamans there that the love that exudes from these people is beautiful. I’m like, “Why are you guys so willing to share this sacred medicine with us now?” They said that in 2017, in their Ayahuascan journeys across different parts of the Amazon and parts of the world, they were all given the same message from the Ayahuasca. That was saying it’s time to share this medicine and the plant spirit with as many Westerners as possible in order to save the planet.

It’s time for that. It’s time for all of us to stay alert and wake up, whether through medicine, conversation, or healing. This medicine has a healing modality that is profound. It’s important to know that we each get to honor our path of, “It’s time to wake up.” It’s truly time to be awake and alert on this planet of what we’re creating and be conscious of our co-creation. In medicine, we get a glimpse of not only those possibilities I was talking to initially but also a glimpse of our path of healing so that we can be more present on the planet now to stay awake. It’s time for so many things. It is time for humanity to come together as one. This is one of the doorways to do that.

It’s legal. It’s in a mutual meeting space, in which there is so much love surrounding Rythmia. The minute you step onto that property, the vibration is magical. The people behind it and Gerry’s story are outstanding, and the people that you get to meet and spend your time with. If I were to say one thing, whether there is science behind it because there’s a whole class on it. When you go there, you learn scientifically how it affects the brain and the body using plant medicine. Let’s say there wasn’t. Honestly, Kim, sometimes I don’t need the science. It’s just within.

That’s your inner knowing. You trust your inner knowing. That’s beautiful. It’s one of the many beautiful things about you. You trust your inner knowing and cultivate that. My observation in knowing is you should cultivate that knowing. Ayahuasca is a path for many people to cultivate. Deep spiritual practices cultivate our inner knowing. Deep connection with each other and healing separation cultivates our inner knowing. That is the place that’s so important. To keep your knowing will guide you to live a life of wisdom. That’s what you’re pointing to. For you, you didn’t need the science because you know it.

LM S2 7 | Spirituality

Spirituality: Don’t give up or let go just because we have a different perception. We can still move with love.


I tried it first before learning about it. People might think I’m nuts. This is from my personal experience. When my heart was blasted open in a way, it has never been blasted open before. I have the most incredible relationship with my partner now. We’re going down this road together with my mom, who was there at Rythmia at 76 years old, four nights of Ayahuasca. What it’s done for me has changed my life in the most powerful way. I get it. There is science, but sometimes you go on what you know.

There is science for those who get to take that in. We all operate differently. There’s enough for everyone to get it.

I did feel better with the science as well. It’s not that I didn’t want it. It’s just that I didn’t need it for the most part. What do you say to people that are struggling? You know how you can help them, but they’re against opening up and trying new things, especially trying Ayahuasca and going to Rythmia. How do you get around that?

I don’t get around it. I stand in acceptance of people of where they’re at and what they’re at. If I can stand in acceptance of where someone’s at, that in itself opens the door for me to stay connected to them to have a bigger conversation. When someone’s stuck and says, “I’m not budging,” if I or any of us try to add them with any evidence of why they should budge, we’re not honoring where they’re at. I have found that when we can stand in acceptance, we create movement.

It’s when we stand in opposition. Most people that come to me are ready to shift. They’re coming to me for assistance that I’m not going to be of service to them and not help them shift. I tell them, “You must be ready to grow.” Sometimes some of them can be stuck for a longer length of time and need certain evidence. We keep peeling away the belief systems to come back to the truth. If I had anything other than acceptance, there wouldn’t be a possibility.

My prayers and intentions are to stand, always remembering that each of us is so connected that we can stand in acceptance even if we don’t agree. We’re still spiritual beings. The truth is that every single one of us is spiritual beings connected to the Source. We can find something to connect on by that thread. If we start living in acceptance of one another, humanity starts to shift. Our children start to be raised in a world that is knowing that they’re global citizens, not from this country or that country. They’re like, “We can stand in acceptance. Even though you’re completely different from me, we still stand in acceptance.”

I remember one of the classes that you taught. I loved it so much on that topic. I don’t remember how you worded it, but you were saying like, “Nowadays where everybody’s fighting over what they feel about with the economy or with who the president is or whatever it is,” you said something like, “Know that that is theirs and yours is yours. You can stand in acceptance of that.” I don’t remember how you worded it, but it’s stuck with me.

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I love that. I’m so glad it stuck with you. Who knows how it came out on that date? I sometimes laugh when people say, “How did you say that in certainty?” I say, “I couldn’t tell you because I’m listening to the spirit.”

You don’t even remember some of the stuff that you say. Are you really channeling?

Yes. Lots of times, especially when it comes to intentions because I love intention so much, I say, “What was that intention?” I was like, “I close my eyes, listen, and it comes out. Where it lands is meant for that person.” I want to go back to what you said. Think of it this way. For the last few years, I have observed many families having challenging times with each other because they had different opinions on politics, vaccines, and anything. All of a sudden, it was pulling families apart. I was so interested in assisting them to stay together to find harmony and know there’s room to find harmony even if they have different choices.

My own family had different choices, and we’re committed to loving more than being right. When we can stand with each other and know, we’re like, “Let me understand why you believe that,” and ask more questions and stay curious. We can still hold our own beliefs like, “That one doesn’t work for me. I resonate over here. I’m going to do this. I still love you. I don’t have to change you. That’s yours. This is mine. We’re still connected at the core. I’m not giving up that connection just because we have a different perception.” Imagine that ripple across the world, “I’m not giving up on you or letting go just because we have a different perception.” We can still move with love.

I love that. That is beautiful. Where can we learn more about you and contact you if we want to book a session with you? You are truly exceptional.

You posted everything beautifully there on Instagram that you’ve got right there. I have a website. I’ve always got events and retreats that are coming up. I have an annual intention retreat. I’m doing an intensive one in 2023. That’s going to be a 4-day or 5-day long event. Anytime you’re on my website, email me and sign up.

What is a 4-day or 5-day event? What is that event going to be like?

LM S2 7 | Spirituality

The Technology of Intention: Activating the Power of the Universe Within You

They’re so good. They are filled with not only teachings all day long to do with intention and the power of it, but there are practices happening. I bring in a wonderful breath teacher. I have a fabulous healer, a doctor that’s coming in to do healing modalities as well as deep levels of release in healing. This certain one where I’m going to be doing it in 2023, we’ll have Ayahuasca. We get that right at Rythmia. This one will have every other modality so people can truly begin their life by intention and co-create.

I was wanting to assist people all the past to co-create their life in every area of their life. When we come together and focus time for 4 to 5 days together, the healing, like in Rythmia, is potent and massive because we’re steeped in it. I’ve watched people leave and come back the next year and are like, “Every one of those intentions is fulfilled in my life.” When we practice something to the ability to know that, “I’m lining up with spirit. I’m co-creating here,” there’s a stepping stone to do that. I assist people to activate it so that their spiritual tools survive, have a great breath, and start creating at a higher level.

This can be for anyone that wants to connect with spirits, someone who wants a new career, someone who loves their career but wants to hit the next level, someone who’s struggling with family issues, someone who is depressed, and all of those things.

As long as you’re ready to grow, feel, and be part of yourself, yes.

It sounds so juicy and yummy. I love it. That’s in 2023. If you want to learn more about that, go to her website.

There’s all of the information in my book as well. People can get that on audio, on Amazon, or whatever works for them.

That’s called The Technology of Intention. I love that. I’m going to ask you one last question. I’ve had so many people ask me this. How do you make a clear intention? I have 50,000 intentions, and I don’t think that’s a good way to go about it.

I will give you a crash course.

Give a clear one where the Universe finally hears it.

It’s a lot of expectation. People don’t know how often they’re in an expectation. Intentions are completely opposite from expectations. They’re always in the present moment, positive, and based on qualities. I will go into that in detail in the retreat or the book. Clear intentions are an aim. When we aim for quality versus, “I want this house. I want this job,” all of that has an end result. Intentions are based. We want the end result, but it’s the qualities.

There’s an intention for an expansion of business. Let’s say someone said, “What is my next step in business? I don’t know what that is.” An intention could be, “My intention is to be willing to accept and catch the highest vision for my life and the next step of my evolution in business and relationship, whatever that is.” larity in our language is everything. The clear intention is not limited and not an expectation. It’s based on qualities. It takes practice. I have tons of tools to help you with that.

We’ve got to see her in 2023. Go on her website and check it out. You could spend 5 or 6 fabulous days with Kim and all the other healers that surround you. It’s going to be very magical.

Anytime, you can call me. I’m right here for you. Thank you for what you do in the world. Thank you for you. You bring love and consciousness to the world.

You might be spending more time with me, hopefully. Thank you, Kim, for everything. Have an amazing day. Guys, go to her website. If you want to attend her workshop in 2023, go to the website as well. Thank you so much, Kim.

I’ll see you soon. Thank you.


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About Kim Stanwood Terranova

LM S2 7 | SpiritualityFor over 25 years, Kim Stanwood Terranova has been an impactful spiritual figure in the United States, as well as globally. As a powerhouse speaker, spiritual leader and compassionate counselor, she is committed to guiding people in fulfilling their greatest destiny. The 3x best-selling author of The Technology of Intention, was recently recognized by Michael Bernard Beckwith and the Agape International Spiritual Center, with the high honor of Master Practitioner as well as Master Teacher at the Agape University of Transformational Studies. Kim has immersed herself and given her life to the study and practice of Universal spiritual truth and wisdom, with a degree in spiritual studies, a license as Practitioner of Truth and as a minister of the Agape community. She is also honored to be an ongoing guest speaker and lead teacher at the elite Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica.

Additionally, Kim is the founder of Namaste‘ Retreats, where she offers spiritual seekers a space to go deeper on their individual path of self-expression,  and World As One, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to bringing the principles of peace to children all over the world. Kim has been dubbed the “mind chiropractor” and her commitment to her clients and all those who cross her path is to hold them in the highest light, knowing the spiritual Truth for them as they awaken to their own inner greatness.


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