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Life Masters | Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro | Build A Powerful Brand


In today’s competitive world, standing out from the crowd is no easy feat. This is especially true in the real estate industry, where a sea of agents can leave potential clients feeling overwhelmed. But what if there was a way to rise above the noise and forge a connection that goes beyond square footage and listing prices? In this episode, Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro, the founder of Super Luxury Group, reveals his unconventional secrets to building a powerful brand. You will also learn the power of social media and how to use it to showcase your expertise and personality. Alvaro will show you the art of authenticity to build genuine connections. So, don’t miss this game-changing opportunity to build your brand that turns heads, attracts ideal clients, and leads to long-term success with Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro.

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Build A Powerful Brand: Your Door To Success In A Competitive Real Estate Market With Alvaro Nũnez Alfaro

How To Create The Most Outstanding Personal Brand For Real Estate Agents & Entrepreneurs

I get the whole chronology of events. You’re a tennis player and you come to the US. You can’t even speak the language. How old were you at the time when you moved to the US?


That’s a very pivotal age. How did that turn into this massively huge real estate company?

As any kid going to university, most of the time, you don’t know what you want. I had a vision of what I wanted to do moving to the States, but you go through the journey of getting into class and exploring. One thing for sure that I had always in my mind is to be open-minded, stay curious, and try new things. That’s what eventually expands to be in the direction of where you want to go.

I ended up going to the States. I broke my foot. I was not able to play tennis. I was taking away the entire scholarship and I had to reinvent myself. There are different choices, going back to the country where you’re from where you have that comfort of having your family, or fighting for your dreams and finding a different angle. What’s the difficult choice? It’s to stay in the States and to fight for it.

I ended up working in the maintenance department. I ended up doing things that I never even imagined myself doing, but that’s what made me persevere and acquire new values that then I can carry with me throughout my entire life. It shaped the person that I am because I do believe that when you have a strong why, that’s what’s going to lead you to how you do things. How you do things defines your character. Character is one of the most powerful things that anybody can have throughout any journey.

For me, it was always about making the difficult choices first and then keeping on dreaming because there is always a way how you can make things happen. It’s a story of resilience where anybody is going to face obstacles in life. It’s why you’re doing those moments that matter. I ended up graduating. I finished my education and went on to work for a company and got my Master’s as well, then I got a great job.

I ended up getting into a position where everything that I’d ever dreamt of up to that point seemed to be happening. Back home, everybody was looking at me like, “This guy has made it.” It was right there at that time when all of a sudden, that visa was taken away. I had to all of a sudden leave the country from one day to another.

It’s in those moments when you have to redefine yourself. As you mature in life and as you keep on trying new things, then you realize that there is something that you are more passionate about and know there’s something that fulfills you more than others. It was in that moment when it was about redefining your will in life. Where are you putting the most attention and effort into? I was putting so much work into my career that I forgot about all the other areas of my life.

Sometimes you need to ask yourself, what is it that you want to do in life? Slowly, I start putting all those dots together. That’s one of the things that a lot of people are afraid of doing because leaving a comfortable life and stepping out of that comfort zone is a little bit scary sometimes. The rewards are on the other side of here.

That’s one of those pivotal moments when I realized, “Let me go deep into what I’m passionate about. What am I loving at this moment in my life? What do I want to do?” It was a matter of combining those elements. I love traveling, luxury homes, connecting with people, and experiences. How can I put all this together?

I started a business with my mother in the Dominican Republic for renting luxury villas. I started to slowly expand throughout the Caribbean, then internationally. It became this big business where we were providing the most amazing villas with the most incredible experiences throughout the journey. You end up adjusting and betting on things that nobody was doing before, such as influencer marketing back in the day and some other elements that became very successful at the time. That’s how eventually I came back to the States with an investor visa with the American Dream 2.0.

Sometimes when you think the world is falling apart in front of you like your life is falling apart, you’re being redirected.

I agree.

You went with the flow and now because your visa didn’t work out and all that happened, you were given the opportunity with your mom to start this company. That’s how it all started then you brought it here.

That’s true. There are moments in life when you have to wake up and realize that what you’re doing is not giving you any fulfillment. In those moments, you have to listen to your intuition and go forward with whatever you feel is right. The truth is if you try something you’re passionate about, even if it goes down, you’re going to go down doing something you love. It’s not just a matter of doing something you love and that’s it. It’s a matter of doing something that you love, but also trying to bet on a different way of doing things.

For me, it was that. It was about combining the elements and always trying to reinvent myself because a lot of people don’t take risks. The biggest and best risk that you can take on is upon yourself. I was betting on myself more than the business or anything else. Initially, it was a regular luxury villa rental company. As we started to figure out how to get the type of clientele that we wanted to work with, I said, “It’s going to take the same amount of time going towards a small apartment or the biggest oceanfront villa. I might as well focus on that.”

We went on straight in that direction. Once we were acquiring those properties for our portfolio, we had to see how we could rent them out because I didn’t know at the time anybody who had the financial status to afford those properties. Even though you do some marketing campaigns or put it on Airbnb, which was starting in the VR or some other platforms. That is more about OPS, other people’s stages. Where can I position myself that they have already built, that audience I’m looking for?

It was more about strategic partnerships initially. What are the big companies that these big celebrities already hire to find their next villa? They did not have any properties in the DR or their portfolio. We started to offer that to include that in their portfolio. That’s how we started to get those clientele coming into our villas. We provided the experiences and got to know the high-end luxury world through those experiences that we were providing.

As things kept on expanding, I decided to bet on growing the business and becoming that bigger company by partnering up with local partners in other jet-set locations because the truth is, at the end of the day, these types of individuals that were coming to the villas were then going to other similar destinations. They were all going to the South of France, Ibiza, and Mykonos. It was always the same jet-set destinations, but they were no longer working with us because they were working with a bigger company.

Betting on that was an interesting approach, but then at the end of the day, now that you have those local partners, you have to be the one providing clients at least to these people. Otherwise, what’s the point of having a big portfolio? That’s when we started to reinvent the wheel by approaching these celebrities with followings of a certain amount of people.

We were reaching out to all these people, which now we call influencers, before it was just public figures, to stay at the villas that we had in our portfolio during the downturn because probably it rented like 65% to 70% of the time. That 30%, we were inviting people to stay there in exchange for some content and some shutouts. That’s how it started. Who’s going to say no to staying five days at a $10,000-a-night villa?

We started to use that as leverage. We started to use their influence and their exposure toward bringing other brands that wanted to do product placement or experiences, whether it’s the private jet, the yacht, or the chef. It’s how we started to build this network. They became very powerful and a great exposure. We started to celebritize properties. As COVID happened, everything shifted a little bit from that business model of renting.

Instead, we moved the business to Miami. We focused on real estate, so the sales but the same approach. Ever since then, we’ve been now expanding the game internationally with the same model of celebritizing homes. It’s one of those things that has worked. We partner up with developers, brokers, interior designers, and architects. We do incredible activations in these properties to market and sell them. That’s the way that we’ve been taking on.

I work with real estate agents as well and I speak to them about their branding and how they can stand out in a competitive market. What would you say to real estate agents, maybe some are in the luxury business and some are not, but they’re struggling to feel and stand out in such a competitive market. What are some tips that you can give people that feel like they’re, “I don’t stand out. I don’t feel like most of my social media stands out?” What are some advice that you can give them with their social media?

From a branding standpoint, be an outlier. You can be more knowledgeable and keep on crafting your skills. Keep on doing the things that nobody wants to do and perfecting your craft. That’s very well and very important. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, become an outlier. When I got into real estate, I saw that there were thousands of agents in Miami.

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Getting my license was going to put me in the same position as all these other people. How could I differentiate myself from everyone else? It was a matter of following my passions and combining them in a very unique way. There might be a lot of real estate agents but how many of those are skydivers athletes, helicopter pilots, or bestselling authors? You don’t need to do all these crazy things. You just need to find whatever you’re passionate about and differentiate yourself that way because you connect with people on a lifestyle level.

If you’re backing it up with your knowledge and expertise, then you’re going to bring massive success. When I started, I didn’t have the experience or the success track record with me. I just wanted to bring value to the type of clientele that was already in the $20 million range. How do you do that? How do you expedite the process? You need to stand out.

I was able to stand out by two things. Providing value to those that were already selling those types of properties and partnering up with them. I was bringing the influencer angle to those individuals. From there forward, I was branding myself already at that level. Now, whether I was selling those properties or not was irrelevant because I was part of the campaigns for those properties being sold. It’s always about adding value and positioning yourself at the level that you want to be.

From there forward, I started to add differential factors, which in this case were the ultra-endurance races, the skydiving, and so on. When I was going to show a property, I was going for a run with the client first and connect on that lifestyle level then finish at the property where I had already the breakfast. I was always trying to connect there.

I have a very interesting story. I was showing one of the first few clients I ever worked with. I remember the guy was already looking at properties here left and right, then he decided not to move forward with it. I invited him to skydiving. After we went skydiving, he got in the car after the jump. He looked at me and said, “Alvaro, let’s get that property, that last one that we saw.” We made an offer and we ended up getting that property.

That shows you that sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and build a relationship in a very unique way. That’s eventually what led in my first year to sell a $22 million home, which is something that not a lot of people can say. I’m not here to brag about it. It’s just to say that whenever you bet on yourself or already targeting a high mark point and you want to brand yourself to that degree and offer value for that particular client, you can do it. You just need to find the elements of what’s around you.

I was partnering up with the brokers who already had that experience or whatever I was lacking. I was bringing it into the mix. Focus on what you’re good at. Add the passions that you have. Become a different agent or re-alter by doing the things that you care most about. Keep on betting on that over and over. It’s not going to happen overnight.

People who post about real estate might have that old say about like, “The properties are what matters. They don’t care about me.” The thing is changing. People are caring about people. We’re in the people’s business. At the end of the day, you want to connect with the individual that you’re going to work with. You can be good at what you’re doing marketing and selling homes, but you got to still showcase who you are.

With social media, there is so much growth or opportunity in this regard. Positioning yourself as an expert in your neighborhood and standing out by doing the other things that you do is an interesting approach. This is what I’ve been doing personally. I’ve seen other people do it. It’s way more fun. Trust me.

What are some tips you can give to someone who sells average houses? They don’t have the luxury lifestyle that you do. Money is an issue, but they’re trying to stand out. When you say go into the market and you can interview people who run a fabric store even, a design shop, or a restaurant so that you can get in, what are some different ways they can distinguish themselves and do something that’s outside the box?

First of all, become an expert in your space. Talk about it. How can you partner up with local news? Is it something interesting that you know that other people might want to know? That’s to start with. I was always looking at interesting stories within the industry that I was in and tried to bring them into the world. I was approaching every single magazine, radio, and podcast to provide some value through the information I knew. That took me towards the route of becoming more of a celebrity or expert. I will say more of an expert in the field, but that’s just one thing.

I will recommend 100% keeping in mind OPA or other people’s audiences. Where are exactly the people that you want to work with? Who has already access to that? Partner up with them. One of the things I started doing during COVID, right at the beginning, was a simple podcast that I still do up to this day, which was an Instagram live, but then eventually turned into a podcast.

I was asking people who were successful within the luxury space about their stories. Everybody wants to talk about themselves and bring exposure to what they’re doing. I was providing a platform and a voice for these people, which then eventually led to building those relationships. When you build relationships with the right people, then things start to grow. That’s how you can grow your social media. You can collaborate with other people. You can grow your reach by working with those who already have that audience built.

You don’t need to be all blocked by thinking, “Alvaro has already a million followers. He already has all these things going on.” I started also having 500 followers. I started also by not knowing anything about real estate and not having any connections. You have to reinvent yourself and see how you can add value while tapping into the people who have already built what you’re trying to build.

Life Masters | Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro | Build A Powerful Brand

Build A Powerful Brand: Reinvent yourself and see how you can add value. Tap into the people who have already built or are building.


Another thing that they ask me a lot is what are some amazing tips on how you film your open houses? How do you bring personality to it? What are some tips for other real estate agents when they go to film an open house of a house that’s bland and average?

Open House

First of all, try to build a community around it. Use leverage as a tool for you to improve and grow. What do you have leverage on? Is it the house itself? Great. Use it as leverage. This past weekend, we did another wellness week and retreat. It was an incredible weekend where we brought almost a thousand people throughout the entire weekend just to come and experience all about wellness.

We had speakers and experts. We had all sorts of biohacking machines, experiences, and performances. It was the largest residential home for sale in Miami, 18 acres, and 33 square feet home. The beauty of it is that you could go to the house and do a video or take advantage and leverage the property and activate it in the way that we’re doing.

We invited influencers, celebrities, high-net-worth individuals, and all sorts of wellness experts. Tap into the community that you want to grow because they’re going to be looking up to you as somebody who is becoming a leader by creating something more special than just showing a house. Indirectly, I’m promoting this house because we got influences that had 30 million followers to people that had a million followers. Either way, in between the range, there were all sorts of high-quality people that are promoting what we were doing while the home was being featured.

It was one of those beautiful experiences. I even got to fly the helicopter into the house, which was very unique and in my opinion, very badass. If you can dream it and you can execute it, it will happen. Start on with what you have, reinvent yourself, invite your friends, your family, the neighbors, and your community to your open houses, and do something fun with it.

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Something fun that you’re passionate about. Do you like wine? Set up a wine-tasting experience. Do you like to eat and cook? Set up a gathering for cooking and eating. Do you like a mastermind? Set up a mastermind in the house. Whatever the case is, always be creative but lean to what you’re passionate about because it’s going to be much easier to execute on something you’re passionate about. That’s it.

I love wellness. Why? It’s because I’m an ultra-endurance athlete. I’m always trying to push myself. I’m trying to grow. I work with influencers. That’s the type of community I’m in. It’s one of those things. You start combining all the things that you’re passionate about, then eventually you become a leader in that space. Everybody is talking about it. It was the best experience I’ve ever had. It was amazing.

You’re going to invite me to the next one. Let’s say it’s an average home and it’s not a very nice home. At least they feel like it’s a very average home. You can also showcase the area. It’s always thinking outside the box and partnering with restaurant owners, designers, this and that, and interviewing them. When you interview them, you bring them into your social media and they bring you into their social media. That’s another way of building your followers.

There are so many angles. You just need to think outside the box. Zoom out a little bit. This house that I was telling you about was for sale for over a year and has not been sold because it’s a bit far from Miami. Yet, we turned it into this wellness retreat. Now, everybody that looks at this property that has a private lake and everything, everybody’s like, “It’s such a mind-blowing property. This is perfect for this.” Many people came in and said, “How can I do this business here, this and that?”

People see what you can do with this property and they get excited about investing in the house. We already have a few people lined up who are going to be coming the second time to see the property and go over the details. Initially, a property that was beautiful but very untouchable because it was a bit far. It became a hit because there were thousands of people coming in here. Whether you have an average home that is not looking so attractive but is in a nice neighborhood, focus on the neighborhood. If it’s vice versa, then focus on the home itself. It’s always about finding the angle on what you can use to leverage.

Life Masters | Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro | Build A Powerful Brand

Build A Powerful Brand: Building your following is always about finding the angle on what you can use to leverage.


With social media too, when you first started out, you were building your social media. Do you still do your own social media, like your own editing or your own thing? You probably have a team of people that do that now. When you first started, what was that like for you?

I still go back to the basics. I call it break coming. You want to showcase little pieces of what you’re doing throughout the day and that’s raw. You don’t need to any day think about it. You’re doing a show, grab the phone and do a selfie video. Showcase what you’re doing. If you’re going through the park walking the dog, show that. If you’re going for a walk, show that. Simple stuff. Don’t overdo it, but still do it because that showcases who you are and people are going to connect more to that level.

I positioned myself as an individual of raw and luxury. I want to still keep those two things balanced, the raw authenticity from those stories, but also the content that is aspirational, educational, and inspirational. Those are the things that I put on social media. When I look into super luxury groups in social media, I have a team that manages all of that.

When it comes to my personal, I still get involved. I’m still the one posting it. I’m still the one engaging it because I want to keep that authenticity. At some point, I had a team managing it and it lost that flavor and connection. I have it scheduled in my calendar. I’m not the guy that is going to be on social media scrolling throughout the day. I have time and some moments for everything. I do have an editing team that does great editing on the videos and have great videographers that do great videos. Sometimes I shoot from my phone. I do some simple things. Start with what you have and slowly start leveling up.

How important is it for you to show who you are, your authentic self, and your genuine self as a real estate agent on your social media?

It’s very important. Keep it consistent. It’s like everything in life. You want to be consistent in whatever you choose to do. If I’m a helicopter pilot, imagine I just fly once every couple of months. It will not work. I will have an accident and crash. It will be a disaster. I need to stay consistent. When you stay consistent, you get better and better.

With posting and social media, you have to do the same. You have to be consistent. It’s not about overthinking. I’ve been in that situation where I’ve posted a few types in a row then I stopped posting and posting again. You have to stay consistent. Don’t overthink it much and don’t get discouraged if like, “This one got less likes. This one got fewer views.” Who cares? Stay consistent in what you believe in and get the feedback that you’re receiving from the outside world. Especially focus on the deep-down self of your intuition of what is it that you want to showcase.

You have to mix the three things. You want to be inspirational, educational, and entertaining. Those three are the best-mixed elements that you can do in social media to reach success. I see the doors that are being opened through their personal brands. The truth is that nobody can take that away from you. You are you. Lots of things can happen in life, but you are one. There is no more. If you focus on growing yourself, then you are going to have full control in the direction that you want to go in life.

Life Masters | Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro | Build A Powerful Brand

Build A Powerful Brand: You will have control over the direction you want to go in life if you focus on growing yourself.


What do you say to clients who hire you to coach them through certain times like this? What are some tips that you can give some real estate agents that are struggling?

In the real estate industry, we’ve seen a lot of different changes. Especially now, with different laws and different things. Everybody is in limbo on what is going on, especially since we had good times. Now it’s like static. Everybody that is in the real estate industry is trying to see what the next thing will be now with artificial intelligence, this and that. There’s always going to be a thing that is going to disrupt real estate that you have to adjust to.

Eventually, when COVID was happening, it was, “How can I do all these virtual tours and the Zooms and this?” Now artificial intelligence is taking over. How can you expedite the way that you do business? Social media became a huge thing during COVID when personal brands started to take over, then the teams. There’s always going to be changes.

Anybody that is studying real estate, they are looking at all these TV shows and everything seems so glamorous, so sexy and so easy that everybody thinks that you can hop into it and make a success out of it. After being a few months in the business, they realize, “It’s a bit harder than I thought.” When that happens, they get discouraged. I would recommend to anybody starting or already seasoned person, to bet on themselves first. Understand that this is a long-term game.

I always like to look at it as a marathon. Do you know how long it’s going to take by knowing that this is not just an overnight success? This is not something that you’re doing as a side thing. Get on it. Pace yourself. Don’t get burnt out because a lot of people get burnt out. Find your pace. Find your angle. You’re going to have fun with it. Be creative. A lot of people are afraid of taking chances. Just be creative with it. Don’t be afraid of doing something a little bit different. A little bit out of the box. You’re going to find yourself a unique niche that you’re going to be successful at.

I noticed you have two Instagram pages. You have one for you personally then you also have Super Luxury Group then you have a website that has Super Luxury Group. It has you, your lifestyle, book, coaching, academy, and workshops. Your personal Instagram page is amazing because it incorporates everything. I love that. People often ask me, “Should I do too? Should I do a business one then my personal one?” If you don’t have a super luxury group or you don’t have a brokerage firm and you just have your real estate agent selling houses, do you think just having one and building that one is a good direction?

Breadcrumbing Approach

If you’re starting and you don’t know which direction to go, I will always say bet on yourself. Invest in yourself and build your brand. From there, doors are going to open because, with Super Luxury Group, we’ve built it already, we have over 3 million followers counting all these social media on different platforms. I look into it and it’s a magnificent magnet. There are a lot of opportunities that are coming our way through what we’ve built on social media.

If I look at the personal level, through my personal brand, I see way more opportunities. The reason for this is because people connect more on a one-on-one basis. It depends on what you want to do. If you’re going to build a brand and don’t do anything with it, then there’s no point. If you want to have somebody run it for you, then go build a business brand. It depends on what you want to do.

Either way, it’s much easier if you build the habit of the breadcrumbing approach that I mentioned, where you showcase a little bit of what you’re doing throughout the day. Keep it as your ally. Your phone should be something that you use, it’s not using you, especially when it comes to social media. Have fun with it and be creative.

I’ll be honest with you. I’ll tell you something, I started to post things that I was passionate about and eventually, they paid off. I was doing it because I was having fun. I loved it. I was building this library or this quick resume that showcases exactly who I am. When people see my brand on social media, they’re like, “Oh my God,” and they initially connect with it. I remember I was doing this skydiving video a long time ago. It was out the side of a plane with a tuxedo.

I saw that video.

That was a recent one. There is an older one that got over 200 million views. That’s the one that force picked up and made an article on it. They called me the Action Man of Luxury Real Estate. That became the brand or the slogan for my personal brand which is something that became a magnet for so many other opportunities. You have to stand out and take a bet on things that you’re passionate about and start slowly to combine them with your career.

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Expand Your Brand With Podcasting

Having a podcast is a great way to expand your brand. It’s a great way to make connections. What has your podcast done for you as a real estate agent?

It did everything. When I look back on my career progression, the podcast became the doorway to meeting all the amazing people that I’ve built relationships with that led to so many opportunities. I would recommend anybody to start a podcast. The truth is a lot of people, especially nowadays, it has become more popular. Everybody is starting a show, but only 10% of those podcasts have more than five episodes. If you look at the number, it’s crazy. People give up very quickly and they overthink it too much.

They invest in this camera crew, this and that. It’s too much effort then they give up. Let it build momentum. Let it grow and keep doing its thing. For me, it was a matter of what’s the least path of resistance to get ongoing and start doing this weekly. That’s why I started doing this Instagram live. It’s easy. It’s a quick setup on the phone here and there.

Eventually, it became interesting because you build those relationships. It’s like you and I. We’re talking and we’re engaging in a conversation. I feel like I know you better and you’re knowing me better. Your audience is going to get to know me. My audience is going to get to know you. We are all benefiting from this conversation. It’s taking a few minutes of our time. I’ve done over 250 episodes and they’re pretty straightforward but very well-intentioned. That led to having more referrals come my way, going their way, and expanding our audiences together. For anybody looking to grow, don’t hesitate. Find ways to collaborate. Collaboration is the name of the game, whether it’s with a show or with videos.

When you do your podcasts, do you do them live on Instagram as well? Is that what you do, you film it? How do you do your podcast? For people who are doing podcasts, is it best to do what we’re doing here on Zoom or is it better to do it in Instagram live or on Zoom where it connects to Instagram Live? How do you do yours?

People can do whatever is easier for them and they’re more comfortable with it. I do Instagram Live because it shows authenticity. It shows vulnerability that I’m here and live. People can connect. If two people watch it, great. If 2,000 people watch it, amazing but at least, we’re connecting there. It showcases to everybody who is on Instagram at the moment that we are live. That gives also life to your brand.

From that, you can always edit it and post it later with different pieces. Put it on your Spotify. Whatever the case is. Make it straightforward and simple. You can always go to Fiverr or some of these websites where they can edit your videos for like $50. Don’t invest thousands of dollars on a camera crew and all this until you already have that momentum.

I’m starting now a different podcast called Level Up and I’m doing it with a partner. We’re doing it all in full motion. It’s more of an adventure TV show where we’re showcasing the experience and then the interview. That is a huge investment that we’re doing, but we already have the flow. We already have the guests lined up. For anybody out there trying to get started, find a way like you’re doing it now via Zoom. Whatever works.

I have a studio too, but I do it via Zoom when I want people like you who aren’t living in Los Angeles. You do it this way. You do whatever works to make it easy.

The same thing here. When I’m meeting somebody in person, I’d rather do it, let’s say, if it’s a professional real estate guy. I meet them at the property that they have for sale and we do it there. If it’s somebody that has an incredible yacht, we do it there. It’s whatever makes it happen.

You can do your podcast from your phone live on Instagram. You simplified it for us. That’s what it could be. You just do it.

This is the truth, by the way. People are not going to watch the whole thing. They’re going to either listen to it while you’re there cooking or driving. The audio is the same thing. Maybe a little bit nicer when you have the perfect microphones and the perfect studio but the audio is still there. It’s like having a conversation. Out of what we’re doing, you can always edit it and create a short reel for 30 seconds with the high keys of something important that is relevant to the topic.

You can make it way more professional and nicer. If that’s something that you’re 100% keep on doing because you already have a system and that’s what you do then great. Go for it. That’s going to showcase way more value. If you’re the type of person who is starting and doesn’t have too many resources, it’s too simple stuff that keeps building and gets momentum.

What has your book done for you as a real estate agent? Your book Level Up, which I know is incredible. What has that done for your branding as a real estate agent? That didn’t come right away. That came later.

It’s a piece of your life that you’re putting out to the world for people to connect more with you and get to know you better. At the same time, help other people to find that empowerment that was missing or the key point that might help them turn their obstacles into superpowers. Sometimes, you have to hear it or read it from somebody else to have it clicked in your life.

It’s a great business card. I’d rather give a book than a business card. People get to feel very impressed by receiving a book from somebody because it takes time and effort to write a book especially to make it a bestseller. It’s a business card. When I go to speak at conferences, I don’t go empty-handed. I have a lot of books and people love to receive those books.

I know it’s a good book because of the feedback I’ve received. I feel like when you’re authentic about your life and you’re doing it for the sake of also adding value then good things will come out of it. It’s not a book about Alvaro’s life bragging about every single thing I’ve done. It’s more about the truth on the journey of how I was and where I am now. Hopefully, in between, there are a lot of key lessons that people can apply to their lives.

You can create a book about many different things. It doesn’t have to be about empowerment like yours is and everything. Your life is your life because it’s unique to you. It’s also given you many speaking opportunities. Now you’re a huge public speaker and you travel the world doing that. That’s also helped your brand as well.

Everything. Now everybody that looks at me or sees me or talks about it is like, “Level Up.” It’s that good to me, but the book has done a lot of great things for me for sure. More than the financial return, it’s more about the opportunities that it has opened. Build a business that fuels your passion.


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About Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro

Life Masters | Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro | Build A Powerful BrandAlvaro Nunez Alfaro, is an entrepreneur and bestselling author with a deep love for real estate. Originally from Madrid, Spain, he followed the American Dream and moved to Miami where he founded Super Luxury Group, a real estate powerhouse with the mission to revolutionize the luxury real estate industry.

Today, Super Luxury Group represents an exclusive network of real estate professionals, strategic media partners, luxury brands, and influencers from all around the world that help market and sell multimillion-dollar homes.

In addition to business, you can find him skydiving, flying helicopters, competing in ultra-endurance races, climbing some of the tallest mountains, speaking at conferences, and traveling to new and exciting destinations while helping others. These experiences have taught him that life is about pushing beyond limits and living with intention.

His ultimate purpose in life is to inspire and empower others to do the same. That’s why he is here, connecting with us. Whether you’re looking to sell a luxury home, work with luxury brands, or to go after your dreams, he have something interesting for you. Connect with Alvaro and take a step forward towards achieving your ultimate goals.


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