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Wells of Hope is an inter-denominational group founded on Christian principles. We are committed to responding to the cry of the poor and to help them attain for themselves, the basic necessities of clean water, education, and basic healthcare.

Our Story

Founded in 2004 by Ted van der Zalm and his wife Miriam, Wells of Hope is a team of numerous volunteers with its roots in the Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada.

From very simple beginnings, Wells of Hope has grown into a living statement of the Body of Christ at work.

Volunteers from all walks of life bring their gifts and talents to the table. They allow Wells of Hope to become a testimony to what is possible when people come together to love their neighbour as themselves.

“When digging our first eighty foot deep well by hand, with only a pick head as a digging instrument, we realized that if we were truly serious about helping our less fortunate sisters and brothers, a greater commitment was necessary, both in time and finances. Our history has proven over and over again that with God, the seemingly impossible becomes possible!”