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Geode Hoop Earrings

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Natural geodes make a stunning presentation, so add a statement to your look with Geode Earrings. Customize them with your own signature color or style and you’ll have everyone thinking you spent a fortune on looking so fabulous!


  • Hoop earrings with drop
  • Pre-made geode pendants
  • Jump rings
  • Chain
  • Fishhook ear wires
  • Needs nose pliers
  • Wire cutters


Step 1: Open the jump ring and loop on the chain. I used 3-5 strands and you can use varying lengths, if you like. You an skip the chains all together and add any else you like, or just use the stone by itself.

Step 2: Add the geode. You can mix it up by putting the stone in front or behind the chain.

Step 3: Attach the jump ring to the bottom hole of the drop on the earring

Step 4: Add the fishhook wire to the top hole of the drop on the earring

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