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Faux Milk Glass Jewelry


How can you not love when something old inspires something new. Milk glass dates back to 16th Venice and continues to be popular today, especially with vintage collectors. Of all the items made of milk glass, you never see any jewelry pieces. Until now! Sort of, haha! The wonderful folks at Mod Podge have created Mod Melts in Milk Glass, ingenious right? I’ve always loved the look and various patterns of milk glass, so why not translate that to jewelry pieces! These are so easy and fun to make, and because you use the mold trays, you can make several pieces at once. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! You’re going to have a ball with this craft!


  • Mod Podge Milk Glass glue sticks, your choice of color
  • Mod molds
  • Small high temp glue gun
  • Chain of your choice
  • Jump rings or jewelry bezels with jump rings
  • E600 Jewelry & Bead glue, DO NOT use the glue gun or you will melt your molded jewelry piece!
  • Optional: Ring pads, earring pads
  • Optional: Beads and crystals to embellish your molded jewelry pieces



Step 1: Once your glue gun has heated up as hot as it will get, insert the milk glass glue stick. The glue should flow easily and not be clumpy or stiff.

Step 2: Fill your mold slowly and carefully starting around the edges. Slowly fill in the details along the edges then move toward the center until filled to the top.


  • Rushing causes air bubbles
  • Do not overfill
  • You can mix colors to create a fun look


Here’s a great video demonstrating what NOT to do, then how to do it right!

Step 3: Let the filled mold sit for about 5-10 mins and pop out when dry.


Step 4: Glue the bezel to the back of the milk glass jewelry piece with the hole sticking up at the top. I turned it around so that the flat side is against the back of the molded piece. If using a jump ring, only glue half of the ring onto the back top edge with enough of the ring sticking up to string a necklace through.

Step 5: Once dry, connect a second jump ring and string it onto the chain. You’re ready to show it off to all of your friends!


You can also use these milk glass pieces for all kinds of other things! Decorate boxes, wine corks, clothes pins, picture frames and much more! Plus, you can add crystals and beads to accent and embellish.

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