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Enchanted Fairy Houses



Fairies are magical, aren’t they? My daughter Ava is obsessed with fairies, fairy dust and everything that goes with them! These enchanting fairy houses are something any child or parent can create an entire story around. Because they’re made from glass jars and clay, you can even make several¬†and create an entire village! Ava absolutely loves hers and can’t wait to make more. When I made them on my TV show, Home and Family on Hallmark Channel, I was surprised by how excited everyone was for these. I thought it was something only for kids, but I later realized they magically bring out the kid in all of us. Just remember, the fairies only come out at night when everyone is asleep!


  • Any size or shape jam or glass jar with metal lid
  • Oven bake clay, colors of your choice (I would choose a few colors of the extra soft oven bake clay if the little ones are making it with you)
  • Stones, metal embellishments, glass or crystal beads, etc.
  • Small knife or plastic clay tools available at craft stores
  • Flameless votives
  • Parchment paper lined cookie sheet
  • Oven heated to 250 degrees
Step 1: Roll out a piece of clay in an oval shape to cover the outside of the jar, as shown. This will be the base color of the house.
Note: I don’t recommend using the extra soft clay to cover the jar. It doesn’t adhere to the glass as well and falls off too easily. If you are doing this with kids, do this step for them and then have them do the rest with the extra soft clay.
Step 2: Choose your shape for the front door, then cut it out of the base clay using a small knife or plastic tool and remove. Fill this space with the color of your choice for the door, as shown. Remember, the door is very magical, so have fun with the shape!
Step 3: Cut out the windows on either side of the house using the same technique as the door. The windows are necessary so you can see the flickering light from inside the house.
Step 4: Roll out a rope of clay to frame the door and windows. You can braid the clay or even use little balls to mimic stones, it’s up to you!
Step 5: Here’s where it gets really fun! Add additional balls of clay to create bushes, stones, a mail box, flowers. Use the knife or the clay tools to add texture on the door and the sides of the house.
Step 6: Add any embellishments such as crystal beads, metal charms, etc.
Step 7: Decorate the lid using the same technique. It’s great to add a chimney to the lid.
Step 8: Place on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and bake in the oven at 275 degrees for 15 minutes. It’s ready to enjoy once completely cooled!
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