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Key Chain Tassels

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When I saw a variation of this keychain tassel in a store, this was definitely one of those times when I decided to DIY instead of buy. How cute are these? They’re the perfect complement to any bag! I made these from embroidery thread but you can also use leather or even strips of fabric – whatever look suits you best!


Chopstick or stick
Silver end caps
Silver Jump rings
Silver Chain
Silver Snap Hook
E6000 glue
Note: The size end cap, jump ring and snap hook all depend on your materials and the thickness of your tassel. You don’t have to use silver. Use any color metal you like, just make sure all of the pieces are the same color.
Step 1: With the thread still in its packaging, loop a chopstick or some kind of a stick through one end of the loops.

tassel 1

Step 2:  Pull a piece of thread through the loops where the stick was and tie the three colors together tightly.

tassel 2

Step 3: Cut the loops at the opposite end as evenly as you can.

tassel 3

Step 4: Trim any pieces that don’t lay straight.

tassel 4

Step 5: Remove the packaging, now you can see your tassel is starting to take shape!

tassel 5

Step 6: The end caps come in different sizes in the package so pick one that fits the thickness of your tassel. Add a drop of glue into the end cap.

tassel 6

Step 7: Insert the tied end of the tassel into the end cap with the glue to secure in place and give the tassel a polished look!

tassel 7

Step 8: Add a few lengths of chain using needle nose pliers or jewelry making tools and attach the silver snap hook. You may need a jump ring to attach the chain to the end cap and the snap hook, but some end caps come with a lobster clasp already. Mine did in this photo. Either way it will look great!

tassel 8

Step 9: Add beads, charms and a variety of other accessories if you choose. You’re done!

tassel hero

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