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Mask Making in Venice


Carnevale masks are about as Venetian as the canals themselves! I was able to sneak away from shooting my travel show, Best Vacations, long enough to take Ava to a family-friendly mask making workshop! We visited Tragicomica where we were introduced to the Mascareri, or master mask makers, who showed us the process of making the traditional white masks that have been worn for centuries in Venetian culture during Carnivale. It’s only been more recently that the masks have been intricately painted with beautiful, highly-detailed embellishments. They’re truly works of art you have to see in person! Here are the details of our little adventure!

During the water taxi ride to Tragicomica, all Ava could talk about was how she was going to decorate her mask. A hundred different ways, of course!


Once we arrived, we were shown how the Mascareri work their mask-making magic!


Each mask is handmade, starting with a paper mâché base. I would love to try to replicate these on Home & Family. Ava was in heaven trying them on! Such exquisite examples of artistry!


Before we could paint and decorate our masks, we had to choose our style. No easy task, there were so many to choose from!


After we picked out our mask, one of the assistants got us started. The first step is to paint the paper mâché mask.


Here is the beginning of the mask I chose!


Once the masks were treated and dried, they were presented to us on the Jolly Roger Pirate ship! Here’s my finished mask, what do you think?


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