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3D Snowflake Photo Backdrop


Photos are a wonderful way of capturing the most precious, hilarious and random times of the lives of our family and friends! You don’t have to wait until you’re at some grand occasion, like a wedding, to have photo fun with a cool photo backdrop. Create it yourself and create memories along the way! I created this winter wonderland backdrop that you can scale to tuck into any corner of your home or even create at your kids’ school this holiday season! Use any colors you like and make the snowflakes any size you like. As long as you’re having fun, creating the backdrop will be as memorable as taking the pictures!


Marshmallow Garland

  • 1-3 Bags of marshmallows – depends on how many marshmallows you want on each garland and how much garland you plan to use
  • Fishing line, or similar non-elastic craft line
  • Dull or old needle

3D Snowflake

  • 6 sheets of construction paper or similar weight paper – it takes 6 sheets of paper to form the pieces to create (1) 3D snowflake. Use any color and any size paper you like.
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Stapler
  • Optional: instead of using regular scissors, use scrapbooking scissors with fun blade patterns to add a unique touch to the cuts of your paper


Marshmallow Garland

1. You can use the marshmallows as they are, or you can roll them between your hands and pull on them a bit to break up their shape – giving them more of a snowball look.

2. Thread the fishing line through the marshmallow with the needle. Tie knots above and below the marshmallow to prevent them from slipping. If you find the marshmallows still slip, gently wrap the line around the marshmallow, then tie the knot.

3. Space the marshmallows as closely as you like. Continue threading until you reach your desired length.

4. Hang either vertically or horizontally!

3D Snowflakes

1. Fold the first sheet of paper into a triangle.


2. Trim the excess paper to form a perfect triangle.


3. Fold the triangle in half to form a smaller triangle.


4. Cut 3 slits in the paper as shown. If you’re using larger paper, you may want to make more cuts. You can make more cuts even if you’re using smaller paper, the design will look that much more intricate, it’s up to you!


5. Unfold the triangle. Your paper should look like this:


6. Pull the points of the smallest diamond together and tape. Flip the paper over and tape together the next points. Continue to flip the paper over, taping the points together until the paper resembles the shape of a cylinder.


7. Repeat steps 1-6 until you have 6 individual pieces. Starting with 2 individual pieces, align the points at one end and staple together.


8. Also tape or staple the middle of each piece to the piece next to it. This will help the snowflake hold its shape once it’s hanging.


9. Continue adding pieces, stapling the points together at one end until you’ve added all 6 pieces forming the snowflake. Make as many 3D snowflakes as you need for the size of your backdrop. Hang them high enough and at random heights so that they’re not blocked when people step into your backdrop. Fill in with regular paper snowflakes and marshmallow garland. All that’s left is to say cheese!

Tip: Have your kids decorate the paper with markers and glitter on both sides, then use that paper to make the snowflakes. Adds that extra fun touch and it’s another great way to include the kids in the creation process!


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