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sharpie art

Turn a simple sharpie design into a work of art! This is such a fun craft project for adults and kids, and easy too. Create your own unique designs on clothes, pillows, create wall hangings, etc. Light-colored fabric works best, other than that, there aren’t many rules except to experiment and have fun!


  • Sharpies
  • Canvas item – t-shirt, pillow, fabric for tapestry etc.
  • Small spray bottle fill with rubbing alcohol
  • Wax paper
  • Q-tips – optional
  • Cup or glass – optional


1. Lay your fabric flat on your work surface. If you’re working on clothing, slip the wax paper underneath the area where you’ll be working so the ink doesn’t bleed through.

2. Draw your design using any color or color combinations you like. The more saturated the color, the more it will run onto the rest of the fabric. The more variety of colors you use, the more of a water color effect you’ll achieve.

3. Optional: If you’d like to contain your design to a circular area, place the fabric on top of cup or glass and secure with an elastic band. Create your design with the shape of the circle.

4. Once your design is complete, begin to spray it with rubbing alcohol. The more aggressive you spray, the more the color will run. If you want a gentle smudge of your design, spray it less. If you’d like to smudge a more detailed portion of your design, use a q-tip dipped in alcohol to achieve your desired look.

5. Once the alcohol has dried, you’re free to wash and wear your new artwork!

Tips: While sharpie ink is permanent, your design may continue to smudge and fade in the wash. You can try to set the design by adding 1/2 cup of vinegar to the wash. Wash with similar colors so that you don’t ruin any other items in your load of laundry.



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