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Gold Painted Feather Jewelry


I wanted to create more craft and DIY ideas for teens and here’s what I came up with – Gold Painted Feather Jewelry that you can customize to create the exact look you want! Feathers are always in style when it comes to jewelry and accessories. I see them all the time in boutiques, but they’re often quite expensive. Making them yourself is easy, fun, and you’ll save money. The gold painted feathers add a touch of glam and creates a more sophisticated look, which is always nice. For about $35, you can make approximately 7 necklaces or 15 bracelets – such a deal!
Feathers (two alike if making earrings)
Earring hooks (only if you’re making earrings)
Liquid Leaf paint (you can also use silver or bronze)
Soft paint brush
Crimping beads
Crimping pliers
Eye pins
Beads of your choice
Jump rings
Lobster clasps (for necklaces)
Charms – optional
Step 1: Select the feathers you wish to use.  If making earrings, pick out two feathers that have the same look and shape. If making a necklace, choose one feather you like, keeping it balanced with the overall design of your necklace.


Step 2: Use the liquid gold leaf to lightly paint the feather in any method or pattern you like. Vary the pressure of the brush to get different looks. If you gently brush the feather, you’ll get a more delicate look. It’s totally up to you! Experiment on different feathers to get the perfect look. Let dry completely.


Step 3: Carefully trim the feathers from the top of the quill so only the quill tip is exposed. This is the section of the quill where you’ll attach the metal jewelry pieces.  (See photo)
Step 4: Thread the quill into the crimping bead, then add any decorative beads.
Step 5: Thread the eye pin through both beads so it sticks out of the crimping bead.


The next photo is a good example of what it should look like before you crimp the pieces in place, except push the eye pin all the way down so the loop is at the top of the decorative bead.
Step 6: Use the crimping pliers to crimp the bead so it tightly secures the feathers, the eye pin, and holds the decorative bead in place. Your feather charm is finished! Next, we add the charm to create earrings, a necklace or a bracelet.


Step 7: Use the jump rings to attach the lobster clasp to the chain to make a necklace OR you can add chain to the earring hooks as shown below.
To make the earrings shown below:
For each earring, I used 3 crimping beads, an eye pin, chain, and an earring hook.
I only crimped the bottom bead to secure the eye pin, then I attached the loop on the eye pin to a small length of chain and attached it to the earring hook.
Here’s what they look like when worn. You can customize the color, chain length and feather to make them exactly your style! Feel free to add charms or other embellishments, and to get creative and make a variety of designs. The basic idea of making the feather charm is the same for all designs. You decide if you’re adding the charm to make a bracelet, necklace or earrings!
 I’m just in love with how the necklaces turned out!

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