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Stamped Metal Jewelry



Metal stamped jewelry is all the rage right now, even celebrities are getting in on this trend. Walk into any boutique from NYC to LA and you’ll see them being sold for $50 and up!  They’re so personal and fashionable. Making them yourself brings an extra special touch because you can customize the name or word as well as the color; silver, gold, brass etc. Simple, yet beautiful!  I like the imperfect look as it gives a more handcrafted feel. I made a few for Ava and a few to give as gifts to friends using their child’s name or their favorite words. You can leave them simple or add charms and other decorative pieces.  Say so much with something so little!


Steel letter punch kit
Metal plates with pre-drilled holes (you can buy them without holes but creating the holes in takes an extra step)
A steel block
Mini hammer
Jewelry pliers
Pre-made chain necklaces (if you’re more advanced, you can make your own chain necklaces)
(2) Jump rings the same color metal as the necklace
Masking tape
Charms, crystals, beads and other decorative embellishments (optional)
– If you can’t find the stamp kit, plates and hammer at your local craft store, you can find them online!





1. Place the metal plate in the center of the steel block and place a piece of tape across it where you want the letters to line up. You’ll use the edge of the tape as a guide and it also holds the plate in place.


2. With a sharpie, mark where you want the letters. You can be precise or eyeball it, it’s up to you!



3. Start by punching the middle letter of the name or word – this way you’ll be sure to fit your word within the plate. Using the middle letter punch (in this case the “v” as I am spelling Ava) place it just above the tape line, centering it on the middle black line.


4. Work your way out until you’ve punched out the entire name or word.




5. Attach the jump rings to the two holes on either side on the letter plate but don’t close.

6. With jewelry pliers and the necklace clasped, remove the center link in the necklace. You can get really creative here and punch your letters vertically, then attach the plate so it hangs higher up on one side inside of centered.

7. Attach the chain to the jump rings and close each of the jump rings.


Enjoy your creations! Now that you know how it’s done, you can also create earrings, bracelets and even rings!




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