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Vintage Flag Wall Hanging

  • Red and white ribbon
  • Red and white lace
  • Red and white fabric strips
  • 42″ length of rope (to hang on the wall)
  • 11″ x 18″ piece of denim
  • 36″ x 2″ strip of burlap
  • 36″ Dowel rod (you can use any length you like to make the hanging larger or smaller)
  •  White fabric paint
  • Star-shaped stamp or stencil
  • Scissors


  1. For a 36″ dowel rod, cut denim into a rectangle shape approximately 11×18. Eyeball it before you cut to ensure the denim is proportionate and to your liking.
  2. Using the white fabric paint, stamp stars onto the denim. Let dry completely. It doesn’t have to be perfect, imperfections add to the character. You can finish the edges with a sewing machine or leave them raw.
  3. Cut the ribbon and lace at varying lengths. Rip the fabric into strips to create a rough edge. My strips were just under 48″, but again, you can eyeball it and make the length to your liking.
  4. Next, you’ll glue your design to the strip of burlap. Lay out the design first making sure the colors are coordinated, then glue everything to the burlap strip.
  5. Once dry, glue the strip of burlap to the dowel rod.
  6. Tie the rope to either end of the dowel rod so that you can hang the design on the wall. You can either glue the rope in position or drill small holes and thread the rope through.
  7. Hang on the wall or in a spot protected from the elements. The materials aren’t weather resistant so try not to hand in direct sunlight or where exposed to wind and rain.

Note:  You can also add other items like rings, a yellow ribbon or a service member’s name to give it your own personal touch!


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