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Fabulous Flannel with Lace Inserts

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Make your flannel fabulous! Bored with a few of your shirts? Have your eye on your hubby’s flannel because you just know you could do something cool with it for yourself? I’ve got an awesome no-sew way to add a beautiful touch to your shirts!


A cotton button down shirt or a men’s large plaid flannel shirt

Fabric glue


Lace fabric or sheer fabric


Chalk or fabric marking pencil​

No Fray or Fray Stop (optional)

1. Iron your shirt to ensure it lays flat

2. Determine your pattern, the only limit on the design is your imagination!

3. Draw your pattern with the chalk or marking pencil

4. Carefully cut out the designated area

5. Working on the inside of the shirt, lay the lace or other fabric right side down and pin along the cut out. Make sure the pinned fabric lays flat and straight

6. Glue the fabric into place working a few inches at a time. Remove the pins as you glue

7. Let dry for 72 hours before washing

Let the fashion show begin!!

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