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DIY Fringe Shoes


Add some sass to your tired shoes with a fun DIY twist! We all have that pair of shoes that we used to love but we just don’t wear that much anymore for whatever reason. Add an anklet of fringe and it’s like you have an all new pair of shoes! What’s better is you can make these in about 20min for about $10 depending on how fancy of a fringe trim you pick!


  • Fringe with a tape backing (I used acrylic but they can be suede or felt)
  • Snaps or velcro
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Needle and thread


1. With your foot flexed, measure the circumference of your ankle adding 1/4″ for the closure.

2. Cut the fringe to your desired length.

3. For fringe that frays, either use a dab of glue to seal the edges; or if the fringe is acrylic, use a lighter to lightly finish off the edges.

4. Attach snaps or velcro with needle and thread. You can also use ties, a buckle, button, hook and eye, it’s up to you!

5. Pair with any shoes of your choice!


  • You can also finish it up with any design of tatting or crochet, etc.
  • You can wear these with flats, just choose a fringe that isn’t as tall so it doesn’t touch the ground when you’re wearing them.
  • If you want to wear them with boots, just made them wider!

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