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Personalized Face Coasters

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I saw these coasters in an Instagram post and wanted to make my own personalized version for a friend’s birthday party! These can bring even more funny to any party. From the picture above, you can clearly see I’ve been inspired by the funny! Bring them to the office, give as a gift, or leave them on your coffee table as a great conversation piece. The kids love playing with them too!


Digital photos files featuring the mouths of family and friends

Basic photo editing program

White printable cardboard paper

X-acto knife

Ruler or straight edge

Cork tiles (not too flimsy, I found mine at a craft store)

Spray glue

Outdoor Mod Podge

Sponge brush

Scissors or paper cutter



1. Take pictures of the mouths of friends and family. They can smile, stick their tongue out, have a straw in their mouth like they’re drinking something, have fun with it! I found it’s best to take pictures specifically for this project because the images need to be straight on and have a fairly high resolution as shown.


2. In your photo editing software, crop the image from the chin to the top of the nostrils, and just outside of the corners of the mouth on either side.

3. Set a custom print size of 4″ x 4″ and print onto the cardboard paper. If you can, layout multiple images on the cardboard paper.

4. Trim the photo on all four sides as shown.


5. Spray glue onto the back of the photo and align the edges with the upper right corner of the cork tile as shown. Gently press the photo onto the tile, ensuring the photo is in place, smoothing out any creases or air bubbles.

6. With the sponge brush, paint a thin coat of Outdoor Mod Podge over the photo and onto the surrounding areas of the cork tiles.

7. Let dry completely. Apply a second coat, let dry completely.


8. Trim off the excess cork using the X-acto knife and a ruler or straight edge.


9. Place a quarter in the center of the nose with the very top portion of the quarter hanging over the edge of the tile.


10. Cut as exact as possible all the way around the quarter and pop out the circle.


You’re done! Time to have fun!

Tip: If your X-acto knife isn’t cutting the cork very well, your blade is probably dull. Always start with a fresh blade to avoid jagged cuts.

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