Rustic Chic Burlap Wedding Aisle Runner

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Rustic Chic Burlap Wedding Aisle Runner

Weddings are such a special time! What better way to make a special day even more special than to add handmade touches?! I teamed up with Paige Hemmis to DIY a rustic and chic aisle runner for her wedding. Even if you have no need for a wedding aisle runner, you can easily cut down the measurements and create your own custom table runner!
  • 100ft roll of burlap (be sure get your aisle measurements before purchasing)
  • 200ft or more ribbon or lace trim
  • 2 – 3 stencils (size and pattern of your choice)
  • Stencil brushes
  • Stencil adhesive
  • Fabri-Tac or Fabri-Fix
  • Paint (white, brown or grey)
  • Tape measure
  • Straight edge
  • Rotary cutter or fabric shears
  • Marking pencil
  • Iron
  • Large work surface


1. Measure for the total required length of the runner and the maximum width. If necessary, trim the burlap accordingly with a rotary cutter or fabric shears.


2. It’s best to work in sections given the length of the runner. Roll out the burlap section by section as you go along.

3. If necessary, iron each section before you begin to remove any creases, lines or wrinkles. 100ft of burlap is not something you can just throw in the washer!

4. Once you’ve determined the pattern and placement of the stencils, spray each stencil with the stencil adhesive and arrange on the burlap. I found store-bought stencils worked best.

5. Use a stencil brush to paint the pattern onto the burlap. Repeat until you’ve completed the stencil pattern for that section.

6. While the paint dries, begin to apply the trim to the burlap. I used 3″ wide satin ribbon. It was cheaper for me to create the ruffle myself than to purchase ruffled trim. Use the fabric glue to adhere the ribbon the edge of the burlap, creating a ruffle pattern as you go along. The ruffle pattern doesn’t have to be perfect!


7. After you’ve applied the ribbon, apply the lace with the same fabric glue. Layer the lace over the ribbon just enough to cover the rough edge of the ribbon.


8. Continue along the edge of the burlap until you completed that section. If you need to roll the burlap to continue working, let dry completely. Otherwise, roll out another section of burlap and repeat until the entire runner is decorated and trimmed. Don’t forget to trim either end of the runner!


9. Once the entire runner is finished and the glue and paint are completely dry, roll the burlap right side up. Store flat until needed for the big day!


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