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Kraft Cool Whip Easter Eggs

Cool Whip Eggs


Get ready for some messy fun! Dyeing Easter eggs with food coloring and shaving cream is a popular craft that so many kids love! I wanted an edible method so my young daughter and I could just play without the worry of her accidentally eating shaving cream. Enter Cool Whip! We had a blast and got a little sweet treat at the same time! I’ll show you how to make the Cool Whip painting seen in the picture above in another blog entry coming soon!


Hard Boiled Eggs

Cool Whip

Food Coloring

Large shallow dish

Chop Stick or Popsicle Stick

Large Spoon

Paper towels or kitchen towels


1. Scoop Cool Whip into a shallow dish.

2. Add the food coloring to the Cool Whip, the pattern and colors are your choice!

3. Use the stick to swirl the colors together, mix as little or as much as you like! Less mixing will yield a more dramatic swirl pattern.

4. Add the hard boiled eggs, covering completely with the colored Cool Whip. Dye as many eggs at one time as you like.

Cool Whip Eggs-2

5. Let sit for about 15 minutes. The longer the eggs sit, the richer the colors will become.

6. Scoop out the eggs with the spoon and wipe the Cool Whip off with a paper towel or kitchen towel. Clean until all of the Cool Whip is removed.

7. Place the eggs in an arrangement of your choice and enjoy!

Need help? Watch how to make them here!

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