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Giant Yarn Eggs

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I was looking for something different to use as a centerpiece for my Easter table, but I just couldn’t find anything that caught my eye. That’s when I decided to modify my Candy Surprise Eggs to create these Giant Yarn Eggs! What’s great is these can double for decorations for any time of year! Blow up your balloons until they loose the egg shape, change up the color of the yarn, and you’ve got yarn rounds that would be so pretty hanging from trees or nestled in baskets for other holidays or outdoor parties!



Liquid Starch

Yarn in different colors

Plastic Cups

Paper Plates

Large Bowl

Protective covering for your work surface


1. Prep your work surface to protect against spills and drips.

2. Blow up and tie the balloons. Blow up each balloon as large as you can, but not so big that it loses its egg shape.

3. Fill a large bowl with liquid starch. Make your own liquid starch here.

4. Roll each balloon in the liquid starch making sure the entire surface of the balloon is covered.

5. Begin wrapping the yarn around the balloon in various directions so create a haphazard pattern. It helps to wrap the yarn around the knot of the balloon while holding the end of the yarn in place. You can let go once you have a few layers done.

6. Wrap until the balloon is fully covered with the layers of yarn but not so much that you can’t see through.

7. Cut the yarn from the skein and tuck in the tail.

8. Dip the wrapped balloon in the liquid starch.

9. Place the balloon on a plastic cup on the paper plate to dry completely.

Giant Yarn Eggs 3

10. Once dry, pop the balloon and gently pull out of the egg.

Tip: Insert a battery operated light inside the balloon before you tie it and you’ll can get even more creative uses from these!

Need help? Watch how to make these fun Giant Yarn Eggs here!

Giant Yarn Eggs 2



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