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Candy Surprise Yarn Eggs



DIY these adorable little yarn eggs with a candy surprise inside! Paige Hemmis had created a similar craft as a home decor item on Home & Family, so I decided to make an Easter version and add candies for the kids! It reminded me of the ornaments I used to make just like this as a kid. What’s great about this craft is that it’s quick, easy and doesn’t cost a lot of money! Make some for your Easter baskets or for a super cool and unique Easter Egg hunt!


12cm Balloons (small size)

Easter Candy

Fabric Stiffener



Yarn in different colors

Plastic Cups

Medium Bowl


1. Stretch the neck of the balloon to insert a few pieces of candy.

2. Blow up the balloon and tie off when you reach your desired size, mine fit in the palm of your hand. The smaller the balloon, the more it takes the shape of an egg.

3. Mix 1/2 c fabric stiffener with 3/4 cup water in a medium-sized bowl to create the “glue.”

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4. Roll the candy-filled balloon in the mixture making sure the entire surface of the balloon is covered.


5. Begin wrapping the yarn around the balloon in various directions so create a haphazard pattern. It helps to wrap the yarn around the knot of the balloon while holding the end of the yarn in place. You can let go once you have a few layers done.


6. Wrap until the balloon is fully covered with the layers of yarn but not so much that you can’t see through.

7. Cut the yarn from the skein and tuck in the tail.


8. Dip the wrapped balloon in the stiffener solution, gently squeezing any excess solution back into the bowl.


9. Place the balloon on a plastic cup to dry completely.


10. Once dry, pop the balloon and gently pull out leaving the candy behind!



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