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Colored Foam Soap

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This such a fun & colorful sensory DIY for kids! Who doesn’t love a rainbow of colors and bubbles!? It’s Ava’s new obsession so we do this pretty much every night before bath time, she loves it! It’s inexpensive to make and you may already have all of the ingredients. You can also use Jell-O to add a cool scent, however, I only recommend using Jell-O for kids who are past the age of putting things in their mouth!


2 tbs* Dish Soap

1/4 c* Water

2-3 tbs* Tempera Paint (or Jell-O)

Hand Mixer

Large Mixing Bowl

Bin to hold foam (I prefer a bin, I don’t want to risk the bathroom grout getting stained!)

*measurements don’t have to be exact


  1. Add dish soap and water to mixing bowl
  2. Add paint (or Jell-O)
  3. With the hand mixer, mix on the highest setting possible for approximately 1-2 minutes, or until it forms stiff peaks that hold their shape
  4. Scoop the foam into the bin and repeat until you have your desired amount

Let the fun begin!

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