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Fairytale Easter Bunny Door

Magical Easter Bunny Door DIY

I decided to make this door to introduce the idea of the Easter Bunny to Ava for the first time. What better way than to create a story with a Fairytale Bunny Door! Everyday,  Ava would leave carrots or celery by the door and we would discuss what the Easter Bunny is doing inside! The Easter Bunny lives inside this magical door. He only comes out to find food when nobody is looking. You might catch him if you try, but it’s very difficult.  On Easter Day he leaves chocolate and surprises!  This was so much fun to do this with her!!


1 Sheet Black Foam Core Board

Black Construction Paper

2 Shades of Pink Acrylic Paint

X-acto Knife

Cloth Rag

Floral Wire

Hot Glue Gun

2 Hinges & 1 Finial

Accessories (optional)


Cut the shape of the door out of black foam core board. Then vertically score lines about 1 ½” apart in the foam core to create the illusion of planks of wood, this also allows the door to bend with the curve of tree. Cut notches into the foam core with an X-acto knife randomly along the edges of the door to give the door texture and look of wood. Use black foam core so that the grooves automatically create depth once painted.

Paint a thin coat of the darker shade of pink. While still wet, lightly drag a rag over the door, pulling off paint from the high points. Let dry. Then, apply a thin coat of the lighter shade of pink. Let dry completely.

Cut out the shape of a bunny head to create the bunny window. Glue a piece of black construction paper to the back of the bunny window. Attach the hinges and door handle (wooden finial from a home improvement store) with hot glue.

To attach the door to the tree, create a hole on each side of the door with an X-acto knife.  Thread floral wire through each side using two separate pieces of wire and attach at the back of the tree.

Place a basket of Easter Eggs and other decorations around the door. Some fun ideas might be to make a cobblestone path leading up to the door with stones that you can find at any craft store! We bought a battery-operated lantern that you can find at any sporting goods store and placed it to the upper left of the door. Use your imagination and have fun!

To watch a full video demonstration click HERE

Tip: If you do not have a tree to attach the door, you can always set up your Easter Bunny Door to a wall inside or outside your house.

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