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St. Paddy’s Day Leprechaun Treasure Hunt


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I have the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your kids, a St. Paddy’s Day Leprechaun Treasure Hunt!

DIY this adorable Leprechaun door and treasure map for a fun game with the kids. Here’s how the game works: Every morning, the door is placed in a new location around your house. The leprechaun leaves behind one piece of the treasure map each day inside his door. Once the kids find the door, they open it to get the piece of map left behind. This repeats each day until all pieces of the map fit together, with the final day’s clue revealing the hidden location of the pot of gold with a large “X”! The pot of gold prize can be whatever you like, placed wherever you like! You can also make the game last any number of days, it all depends on how many pieces of the treasure map you create! Tear the map up into 4 pieces, the game lasts 4 days, 10 pieces and it lasts 10 days. Let’s get started!

Materials for the Leprechaun Door:

Black foamcore board, green paint, brown paint, dark brown and/or black paint, paint brushes, wood grain tool, box cutter or x-acto knife, 2 hinges, drawer pull (for door knob), screwdriver, ruler, hot glue gun & glue sticks

Download the Leprechaun Door Diagram

Directions for the Leprechaun Door:

  1. Copy the PDF pattern provided onto the foamcore board. Cut out all of the pieces using an x-acto knife: back board, door arch, door and base board. Cut a shamrock shape in the door as a window.
  2. Set aside the back board for later. Paint the door green, arch and base board brown. Let dry.
  3. Using the darker colors, coat the pieces and while still wet, drag the wood grain tool from top to bottom to create a faux aged wood look. Let dry.
  4. Glue the arch onto the back board, then glue the base board so the door stands upright.
  5. Glue the drawer pull to the front of the door as a door knob. Secure with the included screw through the backside of the door. Place the door in the arch and glue the hinges so the door can open.
  6. If you want to extra age your door, give it a wash of coffee or watered down brown paint.

Treasure map

Materials for the Treasure Map:

Paper, markers, pot of coffee, bowl

Directions for the Treasure Map:

  1. Use a piece of paper the size of the map you want
  2. Draw out the map and be sure to include a big “X” to mark the spot of the Pot of Gold
  3. Crumple up the paper as much as you can
  4. Dip the crumpled map in a bowl of coffee until you see the paper absorb the coffee
  5. Unravel the wet coffee map and tear it into four pieces (or as many pieces as you want the game to last)
  6. Re dip all of the pieces and lay out to dry
  7. Don’t flatten the paper, let dry in a slightly crumpled position
  8. Fold the pieces and place one behind the door each day. Be sure to save the piece with the “X” for the very last day

torn map

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